June 25, 2018


Taizhong Zhongming


Elder Olson

Make This Place Your Home

Wwhhhaaaat's gooood?!?!

I love surprise miracles. This week, Brother Chen, who we thought had been struggling lately, and we haven't been able to keep in good touch with, etc. etc. All of a sudden came back on our radar with a BANG! Haha. We finally were able to set up with him, and we're like "alright we gotta reset expectations with him..." and as soon as we sit down he's like "I wanna be baptized on the 14th" and our jaws dropped. So yeah!! Taught him the word of wisdom, and he's like "these are all my favorite things," hahaha but he committed to repent and live it! He came to a ward activity this week and loved it, and then came to church and loved it too!! Please include him in your prayers!

Also, Sister Xie is doing as amazing as ever! We were worried about her husband not being able to let her come to church but she prayed really hard, and we prayed really hard and MIRACLES! We were in the chapel before church started and turned around to see Sister Xie sitting in the back ready to go! Hahaha. Then her fellowshipper walked in at just the right time and had her sit next to her in the front. It's a beautiful thing when things happen the way they ought to.

We had my last zone conference this week. It's a really bizarre feeling. It was also President and Sister Teh's last zone conference. So weird!! I vividly remember my very first one, totally and completely putting my trust in the Lord for what the next 2 years might have in store and only now, looking back, can I see the dots connect. I know the Lord is in the details, even the small ones, of our lives!

I swear above all else that I'm not trunky. Not even close. But there's a member here who REALLY knows how to make American food. Never before have I served anywhere close to someone who could make this kind of food. But she made us mashed potatoes, gravy, ribs, salad, the works. I wouldn't dare to put it on Grandma's level of cooking, but it was still a good taste of some home cooking! I've forgotten how much I like grandma's cooking, that's all.

Jesus Christ is our exemplar. I feel like I can't learn enough about him and his character, particularly relating to charity. I'm amazed at the idea of suffering long. Check out 1 Nephi 19:9 : "And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men." This will probably be something I spend a life time working on, but I'm determined to do it!

Love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Barker


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