May 28, 2018


Taizhong Zhongming


Elder Olson

At the Water


Alright alright alright. What a crazy busy week of pure missionary work! We've got some great investigators we're working with that we feel pretty excited about. Brother Lu, Brother Chen, and Sister Fang all set baptismal goals this week. Exciting things happening here!

We also got to go to the beautiful Sun Moon Lake last pday. What an experience! Super fun.

Not a whole ton sticks out from this last week, except our lesson with a really devout member of another Christian church. She just could not understand the role of prophets, so I tried to explain clearly how they testify of the living Jesus Christ and teach us clearly how to follow Him. And then she flipped out (not in an argumentative way, just innocence) "LIVING Jesus Christ?!" we're like "uhhh yeah? Don't you believe He was resurrected?" and then a discussion on the Trinity and the nature of the Godhead ensued. WOW. Long story short, Elder Olson and I rode away from that lesson absolutely flabbergasted. We love the people. That's a must. But the illogical falsities some people buy into are mind-boggling. How can you claim to believe in the Bible, yet deny the truths it teaches about the nature of God and the Plan of Salvation? In short, Elder Olson and I have an increased gratitude for the TRUTHS we know and hold dearly. In the end, that investigator committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about its truthfulness, so it's all in her hands!

Hahaha anyways... The things you get to learn and experience on a mission!! I feel like every day Elder Olson and I talk about all the different ways missions help us grow. Glorious!

Love you all!! Have such a great week of graduations and what not! So crazy that we're to that point....


Elder Barker


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