May 15, 2018


Taizhong Zhongming


Elder Olson

Ode to Mom

Hello hello hello!! What a great week we had here!

Brother Zhang is getting baptized next Saturday! Woo hoo!! He passed his interview this last week, and he's so stoked. We're all stoked. He's absolutely amazing.

Like FOREVER AGO I talked about this really really good pizza place in Taizhong somewhere...we found out this week that it's in our area! Hahaha YES! This new area just doesn't cease to amaze me.

I went on exchanges with an Elder Chen who's from Taibei. He's so Christ-like and is a great missionary so we just had a blast.

We ran into a super nice American who's retired and moved here with his Taiwanese wife. In talking with him we realized he was so nice to us in part because he had a co-worker who had served in this mission a long time ago. I think that really helped soften his heart! You never know what kind of seeds we're planting by the examples we show and the words we say.

My mission president has an article in the June Liahona (Ensign) that's cool or whatever. Haha but no really! One thing he talks about is when we feel like our life is just so ridiculously busy, ya gotta "Establish as your beacon the eternal nature of our spirits and your identity as a son or daughter of God. Focus your energy on that truth and what it means. Everything else will either drop out of your life or fall into its proper place." I like that.

I know that Joseph Smith restored the FULLNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon is convincing evidence of that. The divinity and power of that book always blows me away. If you read it with a sincere heart and real intent, you'll know what I mean.

Love you mom! Happy mother's day!! Love ya everyone else too! Have a great week!

Elder Barker


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