March 26, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Choi


Yo Yo Yo!!!! How are ya?!

This week......GLORIOUS. haha. We had back to back exchanges, and we were both in other areas for it. The first was at the office, and I got to be back with my old companion Elder Councill!! Wow they're doing great work there. His companion, Elder Van Slooten, is also in our same generation, so it was super fun. Plus they have a legit bench press and weights and stuff in their apartment. Lifting is just so enjoyable, but I was feeling it pretty good the next day. HA!

Speaking of lifting, have you ever seen the mormon message called "Lift"? They do this service for a lady who needs help getting in and out of bed. I totally had a lift moment this week on exchanges with Elder Councill cuz we went to visit this semi- less active who's mom has physical disabilities. Anyways, kinda neat. Go watch that video and you'll know what I mean.

After that exchange we rode our bikes on over to FengJia!!! So great. Got fed for all our meals there so that was nice of course. haha. And I got to be with Elder Hansen from my generation!! Such a stud. And he's planning on going to the U after so that's cool.

Came back to our area and just dominated. Why are missions so great? Someone asked me what the greatest thing I've learned on my mission so far is. How could you come up with one answer?! I learn so much every day. It's just the best.

Choose faith. Satan stands there trying to cloud our thoughts with dark or negative thoughts/feelings. Don't give up! Don't give in!! Choose to be on the Lord's side. Choose to trust in Him. He can lift you right up, brush you off, and get you back on your way. I see that so much!!

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Barker


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