March 5, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Johnson

Tell Everybody

Hello FAMILY!!!!! Wow, love you all so much!!

I'm still just so grateful everyday for the blessing it is to serve here in Taiwan. It's such a rich culture and cool history and the people and the language are just so awesome. I LOVE IT!!!

My companion goes home next week. His email home this week consisted of only one thing: an attachment of the song "I'm On My Way" by Phil Collins from the movie Brother Bear. Go listen to it for me and make sure to whistle along to that one part. You'll know what I mean.

This week had a bunch of things that caused my blood pressure to rise. hahaha. But 還好 I can't even remember a lot of them. We're just working with those who are elect and really want it, and of course we wish everyone does but that wishing/faith can't change someone's agency. AAHHHHH it's all good.

Happy birthday month Mom!! Woo Hoo!!

Pretty funny Sunday during Priesthood I had the honor of sitting next to the 93 year old legend, Huang Bei Bei 黃伯伯 and we split off in groups to talk about something and we got to hear his awesome stories. After it settled down I asked him whether or not he goes for walks everyday, I got a lot more than I bargained for! haha. He stood up and gave Elder Johnson and I a detailed demonstration of how intense he walks around his block every morning and then showed us some of his other stretches. hahahaha. He's so awesome!

Ever since that time we went to visit the super rich less active brother at his work a couple weeks ago, I've been thinking about happiness. This is cliche, but it's a truth: happiness that comes from the world is different than the happiness that comes from living the gospel and keeping the commandments. In 2 Nephi 27:3 Isaiah talks about this guy that is hungry in his sleep so he eats but when he wakes up he finds that his soul is empty. The same thing happens when he is thirsty -he awakes and finds that he is faint and his soul still has an appetite! This is the happiness that the world brings. Without the gospel, and I think that includes families, all we have is a sense of superficial joy as a shell to our hollow life. The feeling I have in a really humble home of a family active in the gospel is a stark contrast to the feeling I had that day in that brother's office. The scriptures have a ton of example of this feeling. You can just go search the word "filled" in the Book of Mormon to find a few. "Filled with exeedingly great joy" is the kind of thing I'm going for.

Have a great week! Love you all!


Elder Barker


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