February 19, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Johnson

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Happy NEW YEARS!!!! hahaha. Wow this week was so fun!

Remember that super cool Brother Xie who is really Christ-like? Anyways, he runs a car washing company out of his house and literally EVERY single car in Taiwan gets washed for Chinese New Years so his one-man car wash just couldn't keep up with the demand. Haha we didn't even ask him if we could, we just showed up one morning because we heard how in need he was. HOLY cow he was so grateful, and we had a lot of fun. It was tiring, to be honest, but we got through a lot more cars than he could've done on his own. Still lighting the world!! LETS GO!!

Lately we've really been pushing the member missionary work. We saw so many miracles from it! After the New Years Eve meal we went to check out a less-active member we had heard about and it was kind of a miracle we found them in the first place, and we had a grand old time AND her non-member husband set up to meet with us this week!

Another neat experience: we were looking for another less active member who's on the ward list and we came to his house and it's in the middle of nowhere and he wasn't home but since they don't get many visitors out there it's a big deal with the neighbors. The neighbors across the street came out and started freaking out because we were foreigners. Typical. Anyways, the dad and the grandpa came out and started talking to us and by the power of the Spirit they fell in love with us! haha. Literally. The dad gave me a hug when we left. hahaha Yeah we're going back this week to share more!

There's the smell of recently lit firecrackers and such a happy vibe in the air right now. Families are together everywhere we go, it's so great. AND their is so much food!! We haven't bought a meal since last Wednesday and won't until this next Wednesday night. The members here are just so great. Happy new years, 新年快樂, 恭喜發財,大吉大利,恭賀新禧,天天快樂,我的紅包在哪裡?!!haha.

Being around the members and seeing families together like this has had this scripture ringing in my ears: "And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another." -Mosiah 18:2. Unity in the work, unity in the family. There's really a special power about it. Be united! Starts with being united with the Lord.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!


Elder Barker


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