February 5, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Johnson

I'm Frozen

HI!!!! Why does time go so dang fast? I don't understand...

Also! It's literally freeeeezing here right now. hahahahaha but our testimonies are burning red hot!

Funny story, Elder Johnson's bike is wrecked, right? Like it's really old, and ya. Then we walk out of the apartment and found that his front tire is flat. Glorious! And it's the end of the month, so he has no money. So I spot him with everything I had on me. Then literally 2 hours later we're biking to a lesson, and we hear a BANG so loud it sounded like a firework went off right behind me. But it was my front tire. I knew it. hahaha. And since I didn't have money to get it fixed, we just walked our bikes around Daya for a night. That was fun. Good times. Got it fixed the next day, and now she's good as new.

So Friday was crazy. We had a meeting that lasted ALL DAY until 4, and then we helped the Daya sisters move apartments from 4:30 to 9. It was A LOT of stuff. And then we had a skype lesson from home at 9:30 with Brotha Wu. He's soooo funny. I love calling him everyday. hahaha. Get reading that Book of Mormon!!

We had a cool miracle with English class! About 2 weeks ago a mom and her little girl walked in. No idea how they heard about it. Then at the end of class last time we were talking a little bit, and then a member who doesn't even know her was like "Hey you should come to church on Sunday!" And I was like "YEAH!!!!!!" hahaha. And she came! With her daughter! Let's go.

2 cool stories about people I know. 1) Brother Xie. Wow, his conversion story should be a movie all by itself, but this is more recent. His son was super sick and they had to go back down to Gaoxiong to a hospital down there. He was staying the night at a friend's house when he noticed that about 16 of the 20 lights on the upper floor of his friend's house were out. Brother Xie went and changed out all of those lights for his friend, even while his son was suffering, and he was taking care of him. That is the character of Christ in its finest. Turning outwards, not inwards, even in times of difficulty.

2) Brother Ding that I was able to help baptize here in December went to the temple on Saturday with the ward! What's cool is they were meeting up around 6 in the morning to head up to Taibei, and Brother Ding doesn't have any transportation. He just walks to church every week. Well he showed up way earlier than everyone else, so excited to go! and it was FREEZING! haha. He has such amazing faith. He just doesn't even care how hard it is, because of his faith he's going to do what the Lord asks. Such a sweet example.

It's all because of Christ. Truly He is our rock and our salvation. Love you all!


Elder Barker


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