January 22, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Johnson

Hotline Bling....what does that even mean?

HI!! What a great week!!!

Had a funny, weird experience last week. We were playing basketball for pday upstairs in the church and when we came down we smelled a strong scent of tobacco smoke. We're all like "what the heck?" There's this random bathroom on the first floor and anyways, long story short, we made this college kid come out, and I just stood in front of him and was just like "what the heck bro?" (not really) But my blood pressure sky-rocketed. It was just a funny situation cuz Elder Johnson's just standing off to the side watching, so somehow I ended up being the only one to face this guy. His stomach hurt so he needed to use the bathroom, and decided to light up at the same time.....who does that? haha. I just felt bad for him and tried to add him so we could help him quit smoking, but he's from the very bottom of Taiwan, just here for vacation. Character based behavior, not reaction based behavior. Wow. Easier said than done.

Besides that we just dominated this week!! We really think Sister Hong is looking good for February. People are getting super busy because the Chinese New Year is coming up. So that's tough, but technology is so great!! Able to do wwwaaayyyy better at keeping in touch with all of our investigators. And you can get new, AWESOME!! investigators by just messaging some random people that show up on LINE cuz they have your phone number in their phone. #techmiracles!

Interviews with President Teh were incredible as always. And we went on exchanges with the Qingshui elders! I went with Elder Nelson here in Daya. He came to Taiwan same time as me! He's such a stud. This mission is just chuck full of stud muffins. Not even funny. So blessed to be in the best mission in the world!!

President Hinckley used to always talk about the way to change the world is through changing/helping our families. He also said the way to overcome economic struggles is to pay tithing. Keep the commandments and live the gospel. "Stay on the covenant path" -President Nelson. It's easy to say, but so true. The gospel blesses lives. I'm grateful I get to witness that everyday.

Love you all!! Have a great week!


Elder Barker


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