January 8, 2018


Taizhong Daya


Elder Johnson

How Great Thou Art

I just felt the most special feeling of joy when I found out this week that Zhao Zhi Cheng, Sister Wang, and Zhi Cheng's roommate, investigators from my last area, all got baptized this Saturday. I went to bed that night just feeling overwhelmed with joy and feeling like I was being hugged by the Lord through the Spirit. I think I felt some small part of what Ammon describes in Alma 26:11 " joy is full, yea my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God". Even though I wasn't able to be there for the baptisms, I knew there was a reason I served there with Elder Huff. The blessings of our faith and diligence!! I was reminded about the song that talks about how in the premortal life we committed to our friends that we'd find them and help them learn the Gospel. I know it's true!!

The new way of doing Priesthood was great!! Yesterday our Elder's Quorum President asked us to lead the council and we talked about improving the missionary work in Daya. It went really really good. The feedback we got was really helpful in assisting the brethren learn how to be fellowshippers. We got into a circle and the spirit just took over. Super cool.

Poor Elder Johnson this week. For some reason his bed was infested with mosquitos so he'd wake up every morning and have a million new mosquito bites. hahaha. And then one morning he threw up after our workout, which made me feel successful. hahaha. WE GO HARD!!!

A couple of our new investigators this week came from simply calling some people that were in our new Area Book Planner on our phones that were referrals from almost a year ago that didn't get taken care of. All because we wanted to clean it out. Miracles all around us here in Daya!

President Monson is incredible. What a life!! His talks are powerful, but what's more impressive is his ability to walk the walk. He was a perfect example of how the Lord gives us opportunities to bless and serve others and he tried everything in his power to fulfill each one of those tasks, thus gaining the Lord's trust. Growing up, his stories about following the Spirit and coming to the rescue inspired me! With his passing, it's caused me to reflect on how I've been doing at going to the rescue. Definitely room to improve! I just hope I can get to the point in my life where if the Lord needs an errand run, he can call on me.

Have such a great week!! Love you all!!!


Elder Barker


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