November 27, 2017


Taizhong Daya


Elder Council

A Real Religious Man

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We went to the Shalu district training meeting last Thursday, and we all went around and said what we were grateful for and all I could think about was how grateful I am for the chance to wear my missionary tag over my heart every single day -to have this precious opportunity to represent Jesus Christ. We bring others closer to Him, but in so doing we also bring ourselves closer to Him. SO GOOD!!

Our thanksgiving didn't have any turkey, but it did have a turkey bowl! Of sorts. It was ultimate frisbee because footballs just don't exist here. And it was with the Shalu district cuz we were on exchanges. BUT the most important part is that it was fun and safe, and the second most important thing is that my team won because I made that last-second winning catch in flip flops. Lets go! haha. Later that night, the Huang family took us to a really nice, traditional Taiwanese/Chinese restaurant. I love our ward here!! It's a really mature ward with lots of strong, faithful families. So fun!

This week we were able to help our investigator, Brother Liu, be baptized and confirmed. It was a simple service but spiritually powerful nevertheless. His testimony at the end will be remembered by all in attendance. He's so inspirational!! Please pray for Sister Lin, Brother Ding, and Sister Su because their goals are coming up, and they're looking really good!!

To celebrate thanksgiving on P-day we went with the Tanzi missionaries (next door to Daya) to the city for some delicious Indian food. Seriously so good. Then Thursday we had that traditional Taiwanese meal, then Saturday a member from a different ward came and took us all to McDonalds, then Sunday Elder Councill made us some fantastic mexican food! Who knew you could enjoy flavors from around the world in Taiwan?! It's the BEST!!!!

This week I've thought a lot about being spiritual. It has to do with not missing the mark, and the mark is Christ. Elder Christofferson in last General Conference said that our focus on Holiness needs to be constant and pervasive, and I think that's very fitting for the holiday season. He is the gift!! And this holiday season we can do something about that focus and #LightTheWorld!!! I heard last year's light the world efforts produced about 38,000 referrals for missionaries. HOLY COW!!! Just go and serve and make the world a better place!

Love you all!! Have such a great week!


Elder Barker


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