October 30, 2017


Taizhong Wufeng


Elder Huff



So however long I've been on island, I haven't seen a Tesla the whole time! I just didn't think they could come over here or something, idk. BUT, in the last 2 days I've seen three different Teslas on the roads of Wu Feng!! It's kind of exciting for some reason.

We went on exchanges and I got to go with Elder Spendlove, who's from the cottonwood area or something. Somewhere in Salt Lake. He is such a great missionary! I learned tons from him. He goes home in like 7 weeks or something but is still going so strong. I think he really helped motivate and lift me. It was super fun too cuz their area is a huge city, and we were able to eat at the new york style pizza place I ate at forever go back when I just finished training. It was still fantastic.

We found some awesome new investigators this week!! Lemme tell you about 2 of them: Sister Chen has been Christian ever since she was young and had recently heard from somewhere about another testament of Jesus Christ called the Book of Mormon. She searched the web to see if it really existed and even prayed to ask Heavenly Father if there was such a book. Shortly thereafter, we ran into her on the street, and we met with her. She told us when we met with her that her mom called her (also christian) that morning to ask if she had found the book. When Sister Chen explained to her mom that she was meeting with us later that day, her mom requested that after she read it to give it to her to read for herself. PREPARED!!! So cool that she was praying for it. The Spirit was so strong when we met with her, it was awesome!

We found this other guy named Brother Zhao this week, who is an exchange student at one of the colleges here from CHINA!!! He's soooo sweet holy cow. I fell in love again with the people after his lesson. He has absolutely zero religious background, but is so sincerely seeking God. I don't think I've ever seen someone so excited to learn about Heavenly Father and prayer. Special.

Here's just a little wisdom I learned from exchanges with Elder Spendlove: "If a job you have begun, do it well until it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all." Well said. Let's go!!

Love you all!! Have a great week!


Elder Barker


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