October 23, 2017


Taizhong Wufeng


Elder Huff

Blurry Face


One of those weeks where you're like "what even happened?" Everything is just blending into one right now. hahaha.

We went to some barbeque with my trainer's RC (recent convert). And played ninja (the game you play out scout camp where you try to hit everyones hands) at an FHE activity and brother Chen, our investigator there, was just so funny and awkward about it. haha. The weather is starting to cool off, if you can call it that. That's nice for a change.

While we were eating lunch one day, we saw literally a million fire trucks all heading to one place with their sirens going super loud. They must've called in every single vehicle from every fire station in east taizhong. Anyways, we thought it would be a great opportunity to talk to lots of people so we followed them. Yeah, the fire they went to was so lame. hahaha. All those trucks were backed up super far doing nothing. Anticlimatic. Hahaha I just love the culture here.

Sister Wang is progressing super super well!! We had an awesome lesson with her and our ward has the perfect member to be her friend. She's taking her to church and everything. It's just great. And this last church meeting was GREAT!! And the sisters had a baptism after church and the Spirit was so strong. We're pumped to teach her the Word of Wisdom this week and keep helping her prepare for the 11th of November!

We ran into a LA that had been less-active for 7 years without any missionaries or members trying to reach out to him. Like, he just slipped through the cracks or something. Anyways, we had a powerful lesson with him about repentance where we read Alma 36 together. His heart was softened and he wants to change his life and come back to church!! Repentance is such a real gift. I feel like that is such a cliche we hear a lot because it sounds nice, but when you actually experience it for yourself, or witness others experience it, that idea takes on a whole new meaning. How grateful I am for the Atonement of Christ!!

Love ya! Have a great week!


Elder Barker


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