October 2, 2017


Taizhong Wufeng


Elder Huff

Heard It's Your Birthday!

YO YO YO!!!! Was your week happy?? My week was soo happy!!!! hahaha.

For real, I think I've worked harder this week than I've ever worked in my entire life!! We're at the point where we literally leave every ounce out in the field putting in the work. Elder Huff is such a beast, and we're just having so much fun! We found a sweet new investigator!! Ms. Wang. She's got a little bit of a Christian background and was sincerely interested in the message of the Restoration! And she's reading the Book of Mormon, so that's a great sign!!

I got 2 packages from the family!! haha. Feeling the love! Thanks! Also, it was Elder Huff's birthday last week!! We were heading to the chapel for district meeting and got stopped at a light that I knew takes a solid 90 seconds to turn red. And we happened to be RIGHT next to a bakery. I hopped off my bike and ran in the shop and the look on Elder Huff's face...haha. Just totally stunned. Bought us a classic little Taiwanese birthday cake and made it back on the bike ready to go when the light turned green!! I've gotten real good at handling my bike and making good use of red lights. Comes with experience I guess.

Oh, and it's October!!! What the heck??!!

In reading Ether 6, I was impressed with two unrelated comments from Moroni. 1) If you change the words in verse 3 a little bit to apply it to our lives, it says "And thus the lord caused stones to shine in darkness, to give light unto men, women, and children, that they might not cross the great waters [of life] in darkness." There could be like a million stones we could all think of that give light to our lives, but I thought about prophets. Especially with general conference, and we have to wait a week to watch it here which makes it more precious I think, I'm just so grateful that the Lord in His goodness and love has lit the stone of prophets and apostles to give light as we cross the great waters of life in darkness. And 2) can you even imagine the faith it took Jared and his family members as they prepared all their stuff and boarded their barges, as it says in verse 4, they TRULY "commended themselves unto the Lord their God." So much faith to follow the Lord in such extreme, uncertain circumstances. I hope I can develop my faith to be as great and powerful as theirs!

Love you all!! Have a great week!!


Elder Barker


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