September 25, 2017


Taizhong Wufeng


Elder Huff

"It's Mexican food with ice!"


Missions are the greatest! Went bowling last p-day, had exchanges with the zone leaders, and glorious interviews with President Teh. Never lets us down.

We were eating a classic Taiwanese dessert with red beans, green beans, pearls, and like sugar water slushee type of thing, and Elder Huff just makes this face and is like "it's mexican food with ice" and I just lost it. hahaha Had to be there. He's gotta point....but it's delicious!!

We had the first like legit service opportunity on my whole mission! A member had us paint the walls of a house. Good times. Reminded me of painting the garage with dad for daayyyzz way back when.

The ups and downs of the missionary rollercoaster: Saturday was MIRACLE FILLED! Threw down a WOD with Elder Huff to start the day off right, set a baptismal goal for October 28, found a couple new investigators, and some members fed us pizza -one with squid on it and the other with apple cinnamon. Yup. Then Sunday...our investigators who committed to come to church didn't come, BUT an LA we'd been working hard to come back finally did! He works the night shift at his job and was so tired that he slept through the entire sacrament meeting, except for actually partaking of the sacrament when I woke him up. And to make it even better, he snored. Like kind of loudly. And everyone's looking at him and I'm sitting right next to him. Probably one of the more awkward moments on my mission... But we were still grinding that glorious missionary work and went out Sunday night and had a blessed night of finding! Seriously miraculous! Ups and downs. But just keep up the faith!!

I've been pondering a lot about a this concept of unconditional confidence, and was studying and pondering over D&C 121:45 and I thought about what the relationship is between charity, faith, virtue, priesthood, and confidence, as well as being one of the chosen referred to in verse 34. I still have more studying to do about it, but I realized that for me, when I have an attitude or mentality of wanting to help, serve, uplift, motivate, etc. others I receive the blessing of unconditional confidence. Which is basically just having the character of Christ and turing outward all the time!! Selflessness!! Still hard sometimes, but still the quality I want to develop!

Love you all!!! Have a great week!


Elder Barker


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