January 14, 2019





The Conversion of Frere Digbeu

Bonjour Everyone!

Its been a wild week being a trainer and doing my best to be an example in everything from personal study to how and when I share scriptures, but it has definitely helped me in my standing as a missionary and I can see myself becoming more and more of the missionary I want to become.

Ooh and the last Friday I finally got my Christmas package which was a great pick me up with talks and a few food items I was really excited to get into.

Other than that the missionary work here in Bangolo is progressing. Bangolo is a small city/village that has a taxi system of motorcycles and I was blessed to go on a 30-minute ride to a bordering village in my area on a motorcycle with 4 people stacked on it! Oh, the things that happen here in Africa sometimes seem like they would make a fantastic movie! They could make a ramped up "Best Two Years" off of the stories from the first group of missionaries directly called to the Yamo Mission.

Anyways, I had been doing some thinking and I wanted to share the conversion story of one of my good friends in the village of Zakaria. His name is Frere Digbeu Ferdinand and he used to be one of the villages biggest criminals until he was caught and punished with the amputation of his leg. When we got to know him we didn't know anything more than our message touched his heart and he said he was ready to change his life and follow the Lord. He impressed me by the miles he walked to come to church after a long day on his farm or how he would find a way to make it to an interview for his baptism in the city. He used some crutches that were crudely made and were heavy and uncomfortable but oddly enough he was always thankful, always smiling, and always walking twice as fast as me. He gives me the courage to push forward with hard challenges in life and struggles that I encounter on the mission.

A wonderful scripture that pushes me in my missionary service I found when reading today is Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth..."

With firm conviction and occasionally a witty humor,

Elder Adair


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