January 7, 2019





Not only was I going to a newly opened sector but I was also told that I would be training...

Well hello everybody!

Down here in Africa I have been doing a little bit of instant growing up.

For the week that I wasn't able to talk, I had a spectacular time calling my family. It really made me happy to hear that everyone was doing alright and trucking along. Over here it didn't really seem like Christmas with a couple of dust storms rolling in and no Christmas lights. I noticed that it helped focus a lot more on the birth of Christ and how fantastic it is to have a light the world program to be a part of. We spent the week doing lots of visits and we wrapped it up with baptizing two people that are excited to join the church.

Then Saturday night came and I got a call directly from the mission president saying that my companion was going to be chef du zone (zone leader) and that I was getting moved an hour away from the city man to a village called Bangolo. Not only was I going to a newly opened sector but I was also told that I would be training a man from Togo who was arriving the next Tuesday. I packed my bags and headed to Yamo early in the morning on Sunday and did a training which took up all of my last P-day. The cyber I'm at doesn't do too hot on photos so we will see how soon I can send a picture of my giant companion (6'6 and 250lbs of pure muscle) and our villagey sector. I am seeing the power of pray more and more as the Lord brings me ideas to better train Elder Mensah.

I love you all,
Elder Adair


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