December 10, 2018





Frere Emmanuel and The Word of Wisdom

Sorry everyone for the daily on the bon nouvelle de Cote D'ivoire. Everything is going great where I am right now and I am sending the last weeklies that I handwrote so you are all caught up.

I got a new companion and got my sector split in two. Sister missionaries took over our part of the city and the District leader and I are solely assigned to the village in Zakaria. Missionary work is exploding there and we have no branches there but with the people preparing to be baptized it is easy to realize the goal of a district of 4 branches before the end of February!

I have personally met with 2 of the village chiefs and on the 14th (my sweet mama's birthday). We are organizing the 10 Chiefs of the village to meet with the mission president on how they can help build the church that in the past 4 months has already changed the village its started in! Our bishop says we are like Ammon and are working with kings to quickly spread the gospel to all of the villagers. Here it isn't a matter of getting the investigators to conquer one big question of faith, they are ready and willing to take the leap. We as missionaries just work all day long teaching.

I was also requested to share a teaching experience by one of you lovely viewers back in the U S of A!

§ Frere Emmanuel and The Word of Wisdom §
So Frere Emmanuel has always been stumped by the word of wisdom and gave us the scripture that God created all the things on the earth for man and said even Jesus drank wine. At first, we were a little flabbergasted at his problem so my companion and I explained as best we could and said that we would come back to finish teaching him that lesson another evening.

We returned and had an extra elder who didn't know the needs of our investigator and tried to chastise him with scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon alike. We quickly put a stop to his teaching and decided to teach using inspired questions. My companion and I asked his wife how she feels when her husband drinks and she opened up and discussed with us that it really stresses her because he might wander into a situation that could harm him or their family then I decided to ask him what kind of example his children deserve, while he may not get addicted to drinking he could be the gateway for his children because they followed their fathers example. He has the desire to be baptized he is just awaiting his marriage and since that lesson, he says he thinks of his men of God and family every time he passes a bar and restrains from going near it and will continue to be an example to his children.

This Christmas season I invite you all to strive to be an example, you truly never know who is strengthened by seeing you smiling every day or doing your personal scripture study!

I love you all,

Avec Conviction Solide,

Elder Adair


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