November 12, 2018





People that aren't even baptized start doing missionary work...

Bonjour toute les mondes!

This week has been crazy with lessons we have been focusing most of our time on teaching and reinforcing our recent converts and making sure they are converted to the gospel.

My mom told me last week that necessity is the mother of invention and my companion and I have made some pretty interesting inventions to make life here a touch sweeter.

The people are so excited when we teach them the gospel, people that aren't even baptized start doing missionary work and bringing their friends to church and introduce them to us with a big smile! One man said that our church must be true because he took our holy book and started sharing it with his friend in a village that he was prompted to walk 13 kilometers to preach the good news. After giving away the book, two people came to him and gave him money to feed his family and buy clothes to work in the farm. It's an amazing story but now he wants our free Book of Mormons so he can start making a living... We are going to teach him this Wednesday so we will have to see if we can instill that this message is not like that and it is free to all.

In my personal study this week I focused on the question that if there is a God above, why does he let us suffer. I don't have my study journal with me right now so next week I will insert the scriptures but the Lord knows our trials and He consecrates them for our good. Whenever we have discomfort or fear we can take comfort and feel peace that Jesus overcame the world and He is our advocate always looking to give us blessings and chances to grow.

Elder Adair


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