October 29, 2018





I got a new apartment and it's super spacious!

Bonjour toute les Mondes!

This week was hot with missionary work! We had 8 couples married and baptized and we were able to celebrate with them in the village Zakaria. I will send pictures when I get the opportunity.

This week I had the opportunity to teach more and it's like a splash of cold water. There is lots that I need to learn but I'm in Africa and cold water is always something I could have more often. I keep learning as much as I can and I just can't wait to apply it. I believe I can really get going once I am given a chance to lead a companionship.

In the way of news, I eat spaghetti or rice with a tomato sauce, my tomato sauce is like the best ever and I'll make it for everyone for my homecoming haha. This week I haven't seen very many bizarre things but that is probably because I am getting used to everything that goes on here.

Ooh, I got a new apartment and it's super spacious so I can have a little more space to breath and I'm not super close to my companion 24/7. It has all sort of new things for us to use and we are finishing switching today!

One thing that has been my challenge for adapting to mission life is being the junior companion and having a companion that I need to be with all the time. It's frustrating wanting to be extra productive to have to time to relax but your companion just continues to take there time... I guess the Lord is teaching me patience or to be more assertive.

I love you all and you are all in my prayers!

With firm conviction,
Elder Adair


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