October 22, 2018





I think you can relate a mission to running

Last week was crazy!

I found out that my companion is secretly a ninja and kills rats with broomsticks.

It's definitely different having a companion with you all the time, I keep looking at everything in my mission and thinking how in the heck is this supposed to prepare me for my future? Like staying in church clothes for 15 hours... that one I'm still trying to figure out haha. The companion one just makes me glad that when I actually get married its someone that I pick haha.

My French is steadily improving and the people don't usually ask me to repeat my self so that has been a sweet blessing. I always am searching for little things to be happy about and when you look for them it's very easy to find them. This week I discovered a drink I could buy that isn't out of my missionary budget, haha. Another thing I love is the rain here, with it being so hot and sunny every time it rains it's like a refreshing of my spirits.

One last thing, I think you can relate a mission to running. When I was in cross country, I would start my run and think I can do this, then the sun would beat down and I would start to lose my first burst of energy. Then, I would think, "Why on earth am I running for a sport this literally makes no sense." Then I would finish and think, "Wow, I just did that. I'm so freaking cool." As a missionary, it's kind of like that, I start the day and think, "Whew, I am ready to teach and pass my mission time quickly and in good use." Then I start walking and I say, "Oh this is hot," and think, "Well this isn't as fun as I had hoped it would be," but like in running when a nice breeze comes or a downhill stretch like a little baby will wave at me or a little kid goes nuts when I shake his hand and it gives me some boosts to keep on trucking. By the end of the day, I say, "Well that went by quick," and I tell myself, "I'm awesome. I can do this!"

I guess my message this week is to keep walking in the right. God will give you little breezes on the path of life and downhill stretches when you need it. Never give up!

With firm conviction,
Elder Adair


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