September 17, 2018





This week has been a tough but productive week...

Bonjour mes amis!

This week has been a tough but productive week, I was starting to cope a bit of an attitude but luckily I realized quickly that this is the Lord's work and the Lord's mission.

This week we did a lot of OVB or street contacting, and we were able to teach and baptize two people. It's really interesting taking note of how people are getting baptized here because after they come out of the water they look very startled. It's like they didn't know they could feel the way they do right at that moment. We met a bunch of new people and I learned that if I stop to say hi to everyone on the road we won't get any missionary work done.

I was able to get a few things that I like and I am just trying to find tiny things in every second of the day to make me happy and if you look the Lord will bless you to find.

We have lots of work waiting to be found and as soon as I learn French I will really hit the streets. For anyone concerned about there mission language, bearing testimony really brings the spirit even if they can't understand what you are saying they can understand how you feel about it and that feeling is conveyed.

One fun thing about serving here, we have some mice in our roof so every once in a while they like to give us a good scare and I swear they are having a dance party. When people shake my hand they run to their friends and tell them that they were just greeted by a white man and then they all come running. God blesses his missionaries here in little ways in each mission they are I assigned to, I am most grateful for the kind people here and the little children. They build me up each day more than they could ever know.

P.S. I hope my letter wasn't too all over the place!

With firm conviction,
Elder Adair


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