September 3, 2018





... but like in the movie "17 Miracles", they looked right through me...,

Well, I really have had an adventure worth of things happen in 4 days in the field that was more than two years at home!

On arriving out in the field they threw us on different busses and split us up. There were three American missionaries on one bus to Daloa and none of us
spoke any French. In Africa sometimes corrupt members of the police make roadblocks and make people pay a fine. We didn't know and the police guy took our identification and signaled us to leave the bus. The Lord blessed us with a humble school teacher sitting behind us and he saw what was about to happen and quickly followed us out and bribed the police officer.

The experience here has been wild! The apartment I
live in is definitely low on the living standards if I could send pictures I would. It has a separate bathroom and kitchen and my bedroom is about the size of a large closet.

It rains a lot out here and there is still much work to do so my companion and I (Elder Kankam from Ghana) go out and proselyte. The Lord blessed my area with a very strong word and we had the opportunity to go out to a
village in the middle of nowhere and teach the gospel to a village that had no type of religion. We were able to baptize 20 of them and so now I have been in the field for less than a week and I have 20 baptisms under my belt. I try to contribute but currently, all I can do is bear a simple testimony and pray in broken French. We went to sacrament meeting and there were so many confirmations and baby blessings that we were not able to bear testimonies in the meeting.

In the other way of miracles, I had forgotten my identification when we went out to the village Zakariah and there was a police stop on the way in and subsequently on the way out. On the way in, they saw me in the transport van and asked for my papers. My companion just kept saying that we are missionaries and the Lord blessed us that he stopped asking, on the way back they stopped the car and looked into each window but like in the movie 17 miracles they looked right through me and didn't notice the only white guy for miles around who just so happened to not have the papers necessary to travel. God truly blesses his servants!

With firm Conviction,
Elder Adair


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