August 15, 2018


Ghana MTC


Tanner Bennett

I went proselyting in Ghana, Accra! Eeeek!

So hey everyone!

The day after I got off last time I went proselyting in Ghana, Accra! Eeeek! It was so scary but it was also really fun when you get to speak to someone that wants to know more about the church. Having a bunch of people interested comes at a price though. It was super stinky because the city's sewer system is definitely not the best and there were naked children running around... the children didn't make it stinky but it definitely made you look the other way haha. Our group of missionaries made 500 contacts in 6 hours so that was pretty cool to add up at the end of the day. I met some cool people and quite a few wanted pictures because I was a "tall, hairy, white man". One lady was a member of the church and said if I ever wanted to visit just to call her so that's cool too :D. There were also a bunch of animals just walking around: chickens, dogs, goats it was crazy.

Today we talked to a teacher that just started teaching and serving in the area and he told us we would have lots of fun then we asked why and he said there were many opportunities for miracles. We learned that one time they were about to baptize a lady and she had an evil spirit and went unconscious and started to spaz out. After two hours of singing hymns and praying the missionaries and the mission president were finally able to cast out the evil spirit... So yeah, I might have a cool story or two.

We also met my mission president and he was really cool. He is a super smart guy and he said Yamoussoukro was way better than Accra and a few other things that were exciting.

Overall this week has been a testimony builder to me being able to adapt to the MTC. I know the mission field will be difficult to adapt to but now I have more confidence than before that I can do that!

The Church is True Guys!
Africa is Hot!

With Conviction,
Elder Adair


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