March 12, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Smith

I hit a wall this week!

Hello Family and Friends!

First off, I have got to say.. trials are God's way of making us more awesome! And even though they are hard and make you doubt and make you wonder if you can do things.. YOU CAN DO THE THING!

I hit a wall this week! It's hard to teach so many lessons in one week.. IN SPANISH! I had to teach the entire Restoration in Spanish and I studied hard and worked hard to learn it all.. And I did it! I spoke Spanish and my companion spoke Spanish and we taught an awesome lesson! The Spirit was there and He helped us out!

It was hard work, I barely scraped by, and I was so like, "Yeah! We did it! Now we can keep practicing and master the Restoration!" One problem though, We had the same investigator in just 40 hours. And We needed to teach a different lesson! So, back to the grindstone we went! It is amazing what we as humans can accomplish with The Holy Ghost! In just two days I was able to learn (Speaking in very simple sentences) how to teach an entirely new lesson on God's Plan of Salvation for all of us! The Holy Ghost is always there and He always helps us! I love Him!

Anyways, life in the MTC/CCM is amazing! I love it here! Le amo aqui! God really is amazing, He gives a trials to get us to have a reason to rely on Him!

Remember, the hard times in life are a gift from God! And when we rely on God during the hard times, we can really feel His hand in our lives!

I look forward to the many challenges I will face soon =) I look forward to the moments when I will just be emotionally shattered from this mission! Those moments are when I'll learn something new that God has in store for me! I am going to rely on God and I am going to work hard! Even during the good times!

Okay, less serious note time..

I have gotten multiple requests for this...




My address!!!!

Elder Aaron Joshua KeeleyAPR07 ARG-BAS2007 N 900 E Unit  39Provo UT 84602

Also, to answer general questions...

My companion's name is Elder Adam Marshall Smith! He is my best friend right now! He is just such a man! He is the best Elder! He is a ranch boy from Montana! Also, He has done everything in his short life.. But won't let you know unless you find out by accident! He DOES NOT ever brag about his accomplishments!

He is a state champ in swimming and rugby and a runner up in football.. He HAS A FLIPPING PILOT'S LICENSE! and He also has a scuba license!

He has done everything! He is so cool and super humble about it!

His father is a cow-broker. He sells cattle and makes bank!

The two other elders in my district are Elder Emmett (From Washington state) and Elder Nuttall (From California!) Every body is so kind and hard-working! I haven't got problems with any of them!

The sisters are Hermana Cameryn Ehlert, Hermana Kendra Johnson, Hermana Kierra Jackman, and Hermana Shaylee Allphin. The Sisters are also hard working and focused and dedicated! They are hilarious too!

My district is awesome!

Also, I have one request! Instead of replying to this email can you just send me individual emails? The site gets all weird when a ton of you reply to this email! Another easy way to write me is through! It is an awesome website! It is free and all you need is my name and address.. and BAM! You can have letters printed out here in Utah and hand delivered to me! For Free! Thank you =) 

Chocolate milk here is awesome! I love the normal Chocolate milk and the Cookies and Cream flavored Chocolate Milk!
Do not pray for an easier life, pray to be a stronger person. Do not pray for tasks equal to your power, pray for power equal to your tasks!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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