April 27, 2015


San Bernardo


Elder Bavelas

Another one bikes the dust

Dear awesome people,
So, this week was excellent! It started out rough because I got really sick, but I got better after two days and things have been going better and better since then!
The coast never stops amazing me with its beauty! It really is incredible here! There are even fireflies sometimes! It's like all the best aspects of every place came together and made this place! We see lots of interesting birds and awesome plants. It is an amazing place we are working in!

So, awesome news! We got new bikes! The tiny children's bikes we had earlier are gone now. I am glad to be done with them! Our new bikes are super nice, sleek, red mountain bikes. We get around so much quicker on them! It is fun to ride them! Now we bike around in the dusty streets, we bike the dust.

Story Time: Yesterday, Sunday the 26th, we had a district reunion. All the members of all the branches on the coast met up in certain meeting houses, and a couple of people spoke and the message was transmitted to the buildings where people were gathered. After this meeting, my companion and I had to ride back on a bus back to our town. The bus was full of members and we decided to sit in the back. As I was looking around, I noticed a little girl sitting on her mama's lap looking back at my companion and I. I had seen her before, she was notorious for being mean and messing with people! As I looked at her, she was watching my companion, Elder Bavelas, closely. She laughed quietly as Elder Bavelas fell asleep. And as he slept, she kept watching him. She waited until he was deeper into the sleep, then she screamed, "Elder! Elder! Elder!" and he snapped awake all surprised. She laughed at him and thought she was such a clever little girl. She was a punk! Elder Bavelas muttered to me, "That little girl is awful, I was having such a good dream." After that Elder Bavelas looked forward, and the little girl was sticking her tongue out at him and taunting him! She laughed and laughed! And then.. she raised her hand and flipped us off! I don't know what we did to make her hate us so much haha, but it was funny to me. The parents laughed too and then kept talking with each other. Apparently they were used to things like this, because they did not care! Anyways, after being flipped off and taunted for a little while longer, our stop came and we got off!

Now, a more serious note. Later on that same day, we went to the hospital. We were there to visit an elderly lady named Candlaria. She was sick and we were there to give her a blessing. When we walked into that room and saw her sitting on her bed, we just felt the Spirit strongly. She was so frail and weak, and she looked so lonely and sad. She held her hand up and we shook it, she looked at both of us. She spoke but her voice was very very hoarse. This woman was close to leaving this life. We talked to her for a bit and could tell that this visit was very important to her. We shared a scripture with her about how Christ visited the sick and blessed them, and she cried. We then gave her a blessing. She just watched us afterwards and cried. Right then, more people came in to visit her. We said goodbye to her and shook her hand one last time. That visit was powerful, it meant a lot to her and now it means a lot to me. I am glad I got to meet Candlaria. She doesn't have much longer left here, but seeing her and feeling her humility had a big impact on me.

I love you all a lot! Work hard and do great things people! I'll do the same!
Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder KeeleyAdditional information from letter to Mom and Dad:If I see the Google Street View Car driving by I will DEFINITELY do something awesome in the picture!! I want to be on Google Maps (street view) soooo bad!We will be able to Skype on Mother's Day if everything is functioning down here.


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