June 8, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Bavelas


Dear important people of my life,
This week has been great. The coast is such an amazing place =) I really am happy to be a part of the work here in Argentina. This country is incredible. The people are great too =)

This week was eventful! Nothing big and crazy happened, but lots of little things have been happening. Some lessons my companion and I taught were incredible. Every time I testify of the Gospel Truths and of Jesus Christ, I have felt the Spirit here. The people here may not always feel the truth of what I am saying, but I can always feel it. And I can never deny it.

I spent some time in the city of Pinamar on Friday and Saturday. There, we the missionaries of the coast, combined all of our efforts in a grand open house we had at the church there. Saturday Morning until 1 PM, we all went out into the streets and invited everyone we could to the open house. Then, during the open house (which ran from 4 until 7) some of the missionaries stayed out inviting people while others of us (including me) taught basic truths about the Latter Day Saint Church. Many people came to that open house, and I could really feel the Spirit there. It was so great to work with 12 missionaries and many leaders. We worked hard and saw a lot of success! The Elders in Pinamar now have a lot of people to go visit because the people who came to the open house want to learn more. On the 20th of June, Elder Bavelas and I and the branch here in Mar de Ajo are going to host an open house. It will be great =)

Truly, there is a spirit that comes when lots of people are united in a great cause. The Spirit of the Lord will help all those who seek after righteousness, and this week I really felt that. Even more than this, when we all have one heart and one mind.. one focus.. we make the lives of each individual easier. The work becomes lighter! Pray for unity in your lives. Find common ground and common goals, work towards the better together! There are certain blessings that can only come when we humbly forget all of our wills in an effort to follow the will of the Lord together. Look for this unity, and live it! It is an excellent excellent feeling!!

"And the Lord called His people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind.." Moses 7:18

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Keeley


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