August 10, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Sosa

And The Rains Came Down!

Dear friends and family,
How are you all doing? I hope everything is excellent down there or up there or where ever you may be. Things are going great here! The mission is going by quickly. I am in Villa Gessell right now, a few cities
south of my area. We had a zone activity here today, so I am enjoying seeing this city.

But man, the rain is coming down! I will have to send some pictures next week, the internet is terrible here. Elder Sosa and I were trapped in our pension because all of the streets were rivers. It was an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! I love the rain! But, I am ready for it to go now. It was amazing to see such crazy lightning and rain but it has been raining for four days. I am ready for some sunshine to be inside and outside of my soul. 

Anyways, besides the rain it has been pretty normal here. Elder Sosa and I worked hard this week when we could, and cleaned our apartment when we couldn't. We ate with members a lot this week, which is a good and bad thing. Sometimes when we are at lunch with members, Elder Sosa makes the most ridiculous faces when the members aren't looking. And then when they do look, he tells them their cooking is the best he has ever had and he wants more. It cracks me up. That missionary is great.

My thought for everyone this week is about who you all are. On Sunday our branch president gave a talk, and told it to us straight. He asked the question, "Are you a believer or a disciple?" And I can't write it like he said it, but I hope you can reflect on that question. Many believe in God and Jesus Christ, but there are very few that follow him until their very way of thinking changes. Many testify of Christ's sacrifice and God's greatness, but very few are willing to give up their own will to only do what the Father would have them do. Even the demons believe in Christ and know who He is, anyone can be a believer. But your actions, your words, your thoughts, and your very feelings will be what define as a disciple or as a believer. Only disciples know God in a personal way. My prayer for you and I is that we can strive toreach discipleship in our lives, so that at last day Christ can say to us, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Keeley


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