August 24, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Sosa

Keep On Coasting

Dear Friends, Family, and others,In a mission, time is divided by transfers. One transfer is equal to six weeks. And every time a transfer ends, our mission president makes changes. You can change location, companion, or assignment. Last week was the sixth week, so of course all week long I was waiting to find out what would happen.

And.. the changes came.. and it turns out.. That nothing is changing! I am going to stay here for six weeks more with Elder Sosa.

Part of me was disappointed at first. I wanted to go to a different area to see more of the mission. I was ready to explore something else.

But, as the day went on and I kept visiting families here I realized that I need to stay here a bit longer. I love these people! The work is a bit slower here than in other areas, but it is a great place in the world. The people are awesome. They feed me well, have great senses of humor, love to show me pictures of their family, and enjoy drinking their Mate while looking out the window. They are very laid-back and I am enjoying my time here with them! An hour after I learned that I was staying, I had a feeling of gratitude come over me. I am glad I am staying!

This week has been a great one. Poor Elder Sosa got sick again, so I had lots of time to read lots of talks, and I enjoyed doing that.

One talk really caught my attention, it is called "Joseph Smith - The Chosen of God and the Friend of Man" by Ivan J Barrett. It is an excellent talk, with lots of value. But, I want to talk about being a friend.

The kind of friend we are is a direct reflection of who we are. In the talk, Brother Barrett talks about who Joseph Smith was as a friend. He protected those dear to him, he served those again him, and he always extended a friendly hand to those he didn't know. Each one of us is a child of God, a prince or princess of the King and Creator of all. We all have a great value and potential, more than we can understand. Nobody is worthless. Your family members, your friends, your enemies, and those that are strangers to you are all priceless to your Father and Heaven. Everything we do and do not do to those who cross our path, is what we do and don't do to our Savior. Matthew 25:40 "And the king shall answer them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me." We need to treat everyone as a friend, and do so with genuine intention. I love you all! I hope that you can all follow forward and continue being the friends you have been for me, to everyone else too.

Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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