September 7, 2015


San Bernardo/ Mar de Ajo


Elder Sosa

I am feeling....Twenty!

Dear everybody,I would like to begin by thanking those who sent me birthday wishes. Thank you so much =) It is always a great feeling to know I am remembered. I love you so much and I wish I had more time to write everyone. I am thinking about you and I love you all!

This week was a great one. I had the best birthday I have ever had in my life, and it didn't even include a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. I ate two asados, was given three cakes, a nerf dart gun, a sucker, and lots of hugs. These people really are excellent to me! I love them and they love me. I am well-taken care of and Argentina is excellent. Something that has always impressed me about these people is that they know how to express love to their families and friends. They do it with actions, and when it is necessary even use words. I am learning from them!

The thing I want to talk about though happened Saturday. President Nunez came to the coast and we had zone conference with him! Everything was good, everything was normal - and then he began talking. He speaks with authority and power. He is a servant of God. The Holy Ghost dwells with him.

One thing I learned from him is that we need act. God has blessed us with so many things to help us accomplish what He has asked us to do, so we just need to go and do. Do not wait. Use everything you have, do not complain about what you do not have. It has been easy for me in this branch to look at what I do not have. And I have done that! And I need to stop! I encourage you to do the same. Go and do, use all that you got, and work! The actions are what matter. I love you all.
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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