October 19, 2015


Florencio Varela/ El Parque B


Elder Aguirre

A Walk In The Park

Dear Friends and Family,This week was a good one. I really really enjoyed it. We found some new investigators, had some great lessons, and two geese hissed at me. We worked hard and had great times. We ate some good food and enjoyed meeting some awesome people. Time is going by amazingly quick with Elder Aguirre.

Here in El Parque (The Park), I have been trying to be more effective than I have been on my mission up to now. When I look back at my time on the coast, I wish I had worked harder. I try not to let it get me down, but I have decided to work harder from now on! The Lord let me do some great things down there and gave me some great memories, so I am lucky. And I know there are even greater things to come!

One great thing already happened. As we were in the streets of El Parque doing contacts my companion and I felt we should go to a certain street. When we went there and walked up to a house, a man opened the door. We introduced ourselves and he told us to come in. When we walked in, his wife told us that just that day they had been searching for a church to attend. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Needless to say, we had a great lesson with them. We found them Saturday night and they both, along with their two kids, came to church! It really was a miracle for me, and I loved it! I will keep you filled in on their story!

My thought for you all is on life! The more I think about my past and the time I have lost, the more it makes me want to seize this moment now! There is not a second to waste! Act now! Become what you want to be people! Don't wait until it is easy, don't wait until the situation is perfect, don't wait. Do what you can now. Everyone has so much potential! Anyone can learn almost anything! Life is so awesome. We can become talented and successful when we want to be. We are so blessed. There is nothing like what we have. I hope you are all enjoying life. I love you all and I pray for you.
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley
Additional information from letter to Mom and Dad:
My new area is great =) I love it a lot. It is a branch called El Parque. The area is split between two companionships, so there are always 4 elders in church on Sunday. The members are amazing, they really like helping us. They don't ever give referrals though, so we need to teach them how to share the Gospel. They are more than willing to give us food though and accompany us to lessons. I love them a lot, they are like a family. One lady washes our laundry for us and is always giving us food, she is like a mother for the missionaries.

As for the golden investigator in the old area, I need to ask the missionaries in Mar De Ajo what is going on. I think I will call them soon and ask them how it is going. I will tell you guys as soon as I know.

I take the Collectivos (Buses) here in the city. And man are they fun! They stuff as many people as they can in the buses, and if you need personal space to be comfortable - you don't get it! You have to squeeze in where you can and then just hold on to the rail to keep your balance while you ride. It is good times.

I have been so bad with taking pictures! I promise I am taking some.. I just don't always have time to send them or I forget the cord to plug the camera in. I will get some pictures to you.. eventually =p

I am doing alright right now. The transfer was really good for me because I have been recommitting to the work. It is fun being a trainer, but it makes it easier to see my faults. I am trying to stay upbeat and so far it has been good. As long as I am working, I feel good. It feels good to be a missionary and to be a part of this work. The other missionaries love me and support me too, I feel great when I am with them!


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