October 26, 2015


Florencio Varela/ El Parque B


Elder Aguirre

The Six Will Split

Dear friends and family,Sadly, my pension with 6 elders in it will be no longer. The two elders from the Zeballos area, Farley and Mitchell, are going to move to an apartment in their area. Luckily however, four of us are staying together. Elder Jones (a tall white guy from Alaska), his companion Elder Venegas (a funny Chileano), Elder Aguirre (my companion!), and I will be moving to an awesome house in two weeks. The new house we are moving to will have a basketball hoop and two showers and a huge yard, so I am pretty stoked! I am going to miss having 6 elders in the same apartment though, it was an adventure. With 6 elders there was always someone to talk to! It rocks!

Anyways, this week was a good one. I won't be sending pictures because I am in a sketchy computer place and I don't want to pick up any viruses in my camera's memory. El Parque, my area, is an excellent and awesome area. It is field after field of trees and flowers (and sadly, trash). It is beautiful, fun, and an adventure to be here. Elder Aguirre and I have half the area and Elders Jones & Venegas have the other half. We often go to lessons with members at night. The people give us food, the random people in the street sometimes say hi (but most of the time just walk by unless we talk to them first), and the members are always willing to go to lessons with us. There are frogs and toads in the dirt gutters at the side of each road. And when it rains, there are eels in the gutters!

Our investigators (Hector and Paola) came to an activity, on Friday, but since then we haven't been able to find them. Something came up and they had to take Paola to the hospital. We have tried calling them multiple times and sent a text message, but we haven't heard from them for a few days. We are just hoping that everything is alright for them, pray for them please.

Elder Aguirre and I got sick this week, so we rested for a few days. During that time I organized the area book and the area map and studied a lot. So, it has been a pretty plain week. I am excited to go and contact more people this week! I just want to get to the streets again and do some classic missionary work!

My thought for you all is on salvation. A friend sent it to me and I liked it a lot. Christ's invitation to all of us was to follow Him. He doesn't want us to literally walk where He walked but He does want us to love God with all we have, He does want us to treat our neighbor like we want to be treated, He does want us to do our best every day. That is how we can follow Him. Be a force for good. Try with all you have to be more like Christ everyday. Salvation is Christ's business, He will take care of it. He just asked us to take up our crosses and follow Him, and that should be our business. Ponder the path of your feet.
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley


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