January 4, 2016


Florencio Varela/ El Parque B


Elder Knuth

Finding Investigators

Dear friends and family,This week was most excellent! It had to have been the best week since last week, it was really fun. Elder Knuth is learning Spanish fast but still can only say a few things, so I have been teaching a lot more than usual. It is weird to have to teach almost everything by myself, but it is fun. I look forward to when Elder Knuth can speak well though, because he has a strong testimony. The lessons will be a lot more powerful with us both speaking! Right now though, he can testify a little bit. He testifies all over the place!
I am having a great time serving the Lord. Argentina is incredible! I hope you can see it one day. It really is humid here though! It gets so hot. Luckily, there have been a lot of clouds this week. And luckily, I live in one of five apartments with air conditioning. It is fun living here with my Brazilian friend Elder Bartoski, his companion Elder Clark, and of course my beloved companion, Elder Knuth. I am good friends with all of them, and they all have less than 4 months on the mission. They are full of positive energy.

I didn't eat a snake this week, but I did manage a cow intestine. It was in a sketchy part of our area though, so I didn't get a picture. =( I am sorry Mom. I also had the chance to find lots of new investigators with Elder Knuth, we have been talking to everybody we can everywhere we go. It keeps us really busy! We found an awesome investigator named Gustavo, he really is searching for this message. We had our first lesson with him yesterday, and now we are just hoping that he prays!

It has been a cycle of finding investigators, leaving investigators, and finding more investigators here these past few months. We have a family, a guy named Hugo, and a woman named Eli that are progressing! We are hoping that we can just do all we can to help them get to baptism. It really is the gate to progress and to heaven!
My thought for you all is on progress and patience. It is always good to sit down and review who you are right now and who you want to become, and then make goals to become that person. As you try your hardest to get better though, the change will often come slow. It is important that you really do have patience with yourself and with others. People are doing enough if they are trying to progress, and giving an honest attempt. It is important that we make it easier for them in their lives, that they can progress. As we help people move forward, we will find out that we are moving forward too! It is great, and also completely logical. God is a genius in His organization of this plan. Pray to Him as you try to progress.
Les amo! Sigan adelante.Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Keeley-


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