September 11, 2018




Elder Nordstrom

Week One!!!!

Week One, the MTC is not anything that I could have ever expected. I have never felt so spiritual, but at the same time felt so attacked by Satan. I got here on Wednesday and was rushed away as soon as they could. I was with my family one moment and then the next moment they were gone. I was immediately taken to multiple desks to get my name tag, my room key, and my I.D. card and then was rushed up to my room to put my stuff down. After I was taken to my classroom to meet my district and to meet my companion.
It was all so quick that the first day seemed to fly by and I didn't seem to comprehend what was really going on. After we went to a seminar to try to help us understand the purpose of a missionary. The first day flew by I didn't even understand what was happening and next thing I knew was that it was already time to take our things out of our suitcases and time for bed. Everyone in my room is going to Calgary, Canada with me and they are all really chill and we all seem to get along really well. In Trents email he said the MTC spills so much information at you it's like TRYING TO DRINK FROM A FIREHOSE. In the first week so much goes on that you can't even really being to comprehend what a mission is really all about.
The food here is really NASTY. Just kidding the food is amazing, but not as good as a family taco/burrito dinner. Every friday is pizza day and they brought in DOMINO'S and is was really good. Unlike Trent I haven't even tried the chocolate milk, but I know that the GRAPE JUICE is on point and is even better than the chocolate milk(which I haven't even tried). On Monday they got taco bell for the whole MTC which is as of right now 1800 MISSIONARIES !!!!!!!!!!! My companion(Elder Nordstrom) is actually quite interesting and is a simple man. He is able to eat a pb&j sandwich for every single meal. I don't know how he does it, but he says he loves it so much.
On Sunday I got to participate in the MTC choir and it was an amazing experience and the spirit was really strong which we sang the song. After we went to a devotional which was a recording of Elder Bednar from the year 2013 and it is called " The Character Of Christ". This video changed my whole aspect on the service in the mission field and in the life of service. He explained a story on how a women had just gone through the experience of he daughter dying. She was an only mother and was the Relief society president. On the way to her daughters funeral service a lady in the ward was complaining about how she had a cold and wanted somebody to bring her a cooked dinner. So, this lady who was already struggling with the death of her daughter, make a meal and delivered that meal to the whining lady in the ward on the way to her daughters service. The whole talk was about serving others and being like Christ. It said to stop worrying about yourself for once and turn outward in the service of the Lord.
I have enjoyed exercise time and have loved being able to play basketball with the other missionaries. I made the mistake of not bringing my basketball shoes and feel like a dummy. I have been playing in my running shoes and have slipped and fell multiple time. We also got to go to the temple today and I felt so much love and joy as I did the work of the Lord and went into the Celestial room.

My overall message for this week is to never give up in the hand of adversity. Satan will try to pull and drag you down to the endless gulfs of misery. To everyone out there when times get tough you need to get tougher and be a strong individual in this last dispensation.
1. Me and some of my district goofing around.
2. Fantastic photo of me
3. Just me being amazing
4. The whole district at dinner time
5.Me and my companion elder Nordstrom
6. All the Elder in my district going to Canada


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