September 18, 2018




Elder Nordstrom

WEEK TWO!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe its already been two weeks here at the MTC. The first week literally felt like I was moving in slow motion, but the second week was like time was being fast forwarded.

Having class every day really helps the time fly. My teachers are Brother Abadillo and Sister Powell. Brother Abadillo served in the Salt Lake City mission and his native language is Spanish and he was called to speak Spanish, but halfway through his mission he was told by the Mission president to learn English. I CAN ALREADY CALL IT, HALFWAY THROUGH MY MISSION I WILL BE TOLD I NEED TO SPEAK FRENCH. Watch my words it will probably happen. Sister Powell served in Japan and learned Japanese which is one of the hardest languages. Anyways they are amazing teachers and learning from them is so easy. Everyday we get the opportunity to practice teaching lessons and learn from the scriptures. I can't relate to Trent though because they have never made us teach the lessons in 30 seconds, but props to whoever can teach a lesson that fast.

In this past week we had a devotional on Tuesday by President Gay and his Wife and they are from the Presidency of the 70.He started his talk by ripping his talk up so he can truly speak by the spirit. He told us missionaries many things in his talk, but one thing in particular stood out to me. He said in his talk, " As you go through your mission keep one thing in mind, YOU PREACH AND THE SPIRIT TEACHES". As he said this phrase it really stood out to me. So much of teaching relies on recieving promptings through the spirit. If you are not living righteously you can never have the spirit to constantly be with. The spirit is strong at the MTC and I am so glad to be worthy of its presence.

Also during the week we get the opportunity to teach at the TRC center. This is where they bring in people that pretend to be people that need to be taught, but the cool thing is that some of them are actually real people that aren't apart of our church. Elder Nordstrom and I have had the opportunity to teach multiple people and they have all been girls. Each and every time we teach to these people, are understanding of the lessons get greater. I have felt the Spirit in these lessons and can tell you that I have felt promptings from the Spirit. It is amazing to be able to be at the MTC and has this wonderful opportunity to be able to teach these people.

Once again I would like to tell you about the food. I am not a very picky person so I find each and every meal better than the next( except for Sunday breakfast because its only cereal). Unfortunately the lines for food can take like 25 minutes because there is 2000 MISSIONARIES all trying to get food at the same time. The food here is like a buffet for every meal so you really need to have some self-control if you don't want to gain the stereotypical MTC 10 pounds. I can tell you I haven't lived up to that yet, but I still have another week.

Every day this week I have had the opportunity to go to the gym and play basketball. I finally got my basketball shoes in the mail, thanks to my sweet Mom. I just love being able to got out for an hour every day to be able to go as hard as I possibly can on the basketball court. In a sense it is a way for me to relive stress and a way have fun with missionaries that I have just barely gotten to know. Tons of people are getting hurt during this exercise time, but I have been blessed to remain healthy during my stay at the MTC. I have also had the opportunity to test my vertical leap and was able to get 30.2 inches, so not too shabby.

BY FAR SUNDAY HERE AT THE MTC IS THE LONGEST DAY. Don't get me wrong Sunday is an amazing and spiritual day, but for some reason I just can't keep my eyes awake when the Branch Presidency talks to us during Priesthood. I while at the MTC have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to be in charge of the Sacrament. Back at the Ranchero Ward one of my favorite things to do was to be able to prepare and bless such a sacred covenant. On Sunday I got to prepare and bless the Sacrament and it felt so amazing. Just being able to recite the prayer and to take the time to truly ponder what Jesus Christ has done for me is a blessing.

At the MTC I didn't think there would be anyone I knew, but to my surprise there is three people that I know here. The first on being Spencer Haywood, we were never the best of friends, but seeing him here and knowing he is from my stake really helps me coupe with homesickness. Also I have had the opportunity to see Christian Williamson here. He was supposed to be at the Mexico MTC, but he is here at it has been so cool to see him here and talk with him at the little moments I get. The real crazy thing is that in my district I HAVE SCOTT WOLL'S COUSIN. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT.( By the way they are super similar and you can defiently tell that they are cousins). It is so cool to see him here in my district and to have the opportunity to talk with him every day.

This week has also been a trial. Like last week I have truly felt the opposition of the adversary and feel like he never rests. This week has been easier, but it is still not easy. My one lesson to leave with everyone is that YOU ARE YOUR FIRST CONVERT. Being here in the MTC has showed me that you can't ask someone to doing something if you haven't already done it for yourself. I love each and everyone that has shown me so much support while I am out here on my mission. Till next week.

Elder Andicochea

1. Me studying with all my heart out
2.I wonderful treat from the Morrisons
3.Scott woll's cousin and me
4. Our entire zone
5. My companion( Elder Nordstrom)
6. Our district at the Temple


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