October 2, 2018




Elder Marron

WEEK FOUR!!!!!!!

LET ME START OFF BY SAYING, CANADA IS FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, I can't believe it has already been a month. We left the MTC on Wednesday last week. We had to get up early to clean our room and get to the MTC shuttle at 6:15 am. Once we go on the shuttle, it took us to a bus and then that bus took us to a trolley to the airport. Once we go to the airport, we had to check our bags in and then head up to go through the scanners. Once we made it through the scanners we got the opportunity to make a phone call home. I was nervous that my mom wouldn't pick up because her phone has been unreliable in the past, but she picked up and I had the opportunity to talk to her, my dad, and my sister. It was so amazing to hear their voices, but it was also really sad because I knew I couldn't talk to them forever. I might have been crying the whole phone call, but being away from home has really helped to show me how much I love my family and how much joy they bring me. My one goal one my mission is to bring that same joy to others lives and to show them how much the Gospel can fill that hole in their lives.
Once we got to Canada we had to wait an hour for everyone to get their passports cleared and get visas. After we finally got to meet our mission president, President Keung. He is so nice and really understands people and how to help everyone. After we were taken to his house to go over some stuff and then to have a delicious meal. Once we did all that we were taken to a hotel to spend our first night in Canada. In the morning we woke up and went to the Chapel in Calgary to meet our trainers. I was really nervous as I went up and read the letter that showed where I was going. It was a similar experience to my mission call opening. For those that don't know that story, I was opening my mission call and could hardly speak and I was super pale. Anyways, I open my letter and find out that my area is North Lethbridge and that my companion is Elder Marron who has been out for almost 9 months. We spent the rest of the day driving to Lethbridge which is TWO HOURS away from Calgary, but the drive seemed quick because I went to sleep. Pretty much the whole drive to Lethbridge is FARMLAND. Also half of my are in Lethbridge IS FARMLAND. We get to the apartment and find out it is a little small, but it has a shower and bathroom. The Elders before us didn't clean it well so today on P-DAY we had to spend the whole morning cleaning it.
It was kind of scary coming to a new area, but I settled in and the next day we went out tracting. Our Mission President says that our goal is to get 10+ contacts everyday, that is where we offer of Book Of Mormon to somebody or ask if we could share a message of the Restored gospel. Tracting is pretty fun, but it isn't fun when people slam the door on your face. Everyday we get 10+ contacts, while trying to juggle meeting with investigators, meeting with members, having dinner with members, and balancing the various tasks the members need us to do. I the past 5 days me and my companion have been really successful and have gotten 4 new investigators and everyone says its because we have the greeny fire, BECAUSE IM NEW. Hopefully that isn't it and hopefully its because they love me, I mean the RESTORED GOSPEL 😀. As we have been tracting we came up on two people and met them at their door. The first person is named Kenly. When he opened the door his HUGE DOG ran out the door and tried to attack my companion. It was kind of funny, but at the same time scary because my companion could have gotten hurt. Once he put his dog back inside, we talked to him and shared about the Gospel. He said we could come back next saturday and it felt amazing to get a new investigator. That same day in the evening after our dinner with the Bishop, We were driving down the street and I felt like we should turn left and we did it and tracted a certain area. In this area we met a GUY named Desiree. It was kind of funny because he told us that PEOPLE SAY HE HAS A GIRL NAME.😂😂😂. We shared a message about the Restored Gospel and I felt prompted to share a message about eternal families. He is a truck driver, but he said we could meet back with him next Saturday. The next two investigator we met were on Sunday night. We were going to meet with a less active member in the evening, but they weren't home. So, we decided to tract a couple houses in that area and the last house we were going to stop at the people let us in. We shared about the Book Of Mormon and they had lots of questions. We were getting really deep into conversation and I had the feeling to stop and reschedule for another time. I politely brought it up and they said they would meet with us on thursday and if we didn't have a meal they would cook dinner for us. These experience have all been amazing and really show that the Lord does show you the way if you follow him.
My companion( Elder Marron) and me are in charge of the Park Meadows ward in Lethbridge and once again its the biggest area and IS MOSTLY FARMLAND. Lethbridge is a really cool town and is pretty big. As we were going up to houses in Lethbridge, EVERY HOUSE SMELLED LIKE BEER. It made me think that everyone in the town is disgusting and drinks all the time, but I found out that there is a beer factory right next to up and now my opinion of people is higher.😂
Once again CANADA IS FREEZING. The members say that is doesn't usually snow this time of year, but because IM HERE, of course it would snow. It has been 0 degrees C all the time which is 30 degrees F. The weather may say thats is 30 but all the time it literally feels like 0 degrees. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DOES NOT PREPARE YOU FOR CANADA. Almost everything here is different. The for some reason us kilometers instead of miles, us Celcius instead if Farenheight, us liters instead of gallons, and never think that it is cold outside when it really is. Canada is really weird but is also really amazing. I could have never been prepared for it and no matter how many layers I put on I will still probably be cold.
Once again the adversary is real. He tries to drag you down and won't stop ever. I have felt really sad on some days and really miss my family. As I look to the Lord I feel strength, but its never easy. Always have faith in the Lord and Faith in Jesus Christ. They will pick you up and carry you in times of difficulty. I love everyone and am so glad for the support that everyone shows. Till next week.
Elder Andicochea

1. Me and my companion and my mission leader
2. Me outside trying not to freeze
3. My companion on a swing a member had in their house
4. Me on a slide

Sorry everyone, I forgot to mention. Me and my companion are both new to this area and both know nothing about Lethbridge. We have gotten white-washed in and its been super crazy. Getting to know people is the hardest and getting to know the area is hard . I love everyone am so glad for all the support everyone shows
Elder Andicochea


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