You can Delete your Missionary Account either through the Called to Serve app or on the website.

Called to Serve
In the Called to Serve mobile app, go to your missionary’s pages, slide the menu left to the ADMIN page, then tap the Delete button.
Login to the website, go to your missionary’s web pages, click “Missionary Admin” in the left-menu, then click the Delete button near the center of the page.

YouTube Channel
We have a YouTube channel will help. . . . Some Missionary Mom's in Utah recently created a YouTube channel for us with some instruction videos showing how to use and our Called to Serve mobile app. Check it out here:

Technical Support
It’s very important that our website and mobile apps all work perfectly for you and your family. If you have any questions (or don’t understand something) then please text or call us at (480) 633-8000 anytime. We’re happy to help and walk you through anything that you don’t understand.