March 18, 2023



Highlights from the past 3 weeks

So sorry, once again I've been slacking off on sending out emails. It's been 3 weeks since my last one and wow have these weeks been crazy haha. In no particular order these are some of the events that took place:

1. We put Adriana on Date for Baptism!!! She is a sweet little 9 year old who we have been working with for a few months and she's fi ally on date to be baptized April 15th and she is so excited!!!

2. We got 2 flat tires 3 days apart from eachother haha. Was not fun because it took up a bunch of our time sitting at Firestone, but we became pretty good friends with on of the Mechanics and definitely planted some seeds!

3. On 2 separate occasions we were on Lock down because of Tornados in the area. The weather has been all over the place from beautiful 80 degree sunny days to days were it's 30 degrees with tornados and golf ball sized hail. Fun times out here for sure!

4. Hunting rats hahaha. Yup you heard that right, we killed about 40 or so rats. We were doing some service at the farm and we were shoveling compost and moving some pallets when rats started just pouring out from under the pallets haha. With the help of some dogs and a few shovels we were able to take them out and boy was it exciting. I have some videos of it that I can send if anyone cares to watch those lol.

5. I gave a talk at Zone conference. If yall know me, you would know that that is one of my least favorite things to do. I gave a talk on how being a consecrated missionary helps the work move along and how it brings blessings. I guess it went alright.

6. I mowed our backyard yard that was over a foot tall lol. It's not very big, but it took me about an hour and a half to mow it and I had to empty the mower bag about 15 times or so, it was interesting, but also super fun cause not very often do you have your own backyard as a missionary that you have to maintain🤣

7. We missed church this last Sunday because I woke up and couldn't move because my back was super stiff. Took 1000mg of Ibuprofen and did some stretches that the mission nurse told me to do and I'm doing alright with that now.

8. We are continuing to work on our goal of visiting every member in both wards and we made a ton of progress this week, but of course there isn't progress without much opposition. We had a day where 4 strait member doors that we knocked who were inactive yelled at us. We were pretty discouraged after that so we called it quite a little early that night.

9. Oh we also did some fishing and visited a haunted bridge and found an old Truck cab that I got a sweet picture in haha.

10. We also get to collect our own eggs straight from the coop, since we can't afford to actually buy them at the store and we have some super sweet members.

That's about it, I love and miss yall so very much!!! Hope everyone has had a Blessed week!

- Elder Rhodes🤠❤


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