January 17, 2023



A little late, sorry🤷‍♂️

Hey yall!!! So sorry for yet again another late weekly email! Life has been pretty amazing out here in Texas! Been staying super busy and having lots of fun, so can't complain!

Monday: I hit 17 months as a missionary!! Crazy how time has just flown by! For pday today we played Disc golf pretty much all day haha, from 9:45-5 and it was so much fun!! We got the whole district out to play with us and I think I got a bunch of other Elders hooked haha. Oh haha, funny story from today... one Elder lost one of my disc's in a river so I took off my shoes and waded out to find the disc and I found it!! Along with 5 other lost disc's people had thrown in there! They all had names and numbers on them so we were able to call them and get in contact with each of them to return their disc's and share a little bit of the gospel with them so that was awesome!! That was all super awesome, but when I went in the water I stepped on something pretty sharp and cut my foot pretty bad. Don't worry grandma I got it bandaged up and taken care of and it's ok now haha! That was pretty much all we did today besides calling family.

Tuesday: Today we baked 165 cookies and brought them around to a bunch of inactive and part member families!! That was a ton of fun and we were able to build pretty good relationships with a lot of them! We also ended our night at a relief society activity haha. We got invited because they had a soup cook off and we needed to be the judges lol. There were 16 frickin soups!! They were all so good, but dang I about threw up at the end haha.

Wednesday: Started the day off with a little lesson with a member in our ward and then he took us to Panda Express afterwards for lunch so that was hype! We then spent literally the entire rest of the day visiting as many member from the ward as we could that we didn't already know. We found out 2 of them had moved and we actually got to hold some pretty awesome lessons with a few of theses members that haven't been to church in a long time! Dinner was with the Lusters who are so awesome! Sister lusters husband is not a member and isn't really that interested in the gospel, but he is a super awesome guy and his heart is slowly softening to the gospel and he is becoming more open to it!

Thursday: Had a pretty narly migraine this morning.🙄 That kept me in bed until about 11 when it finally started to calm down a bit. Once I got feeling a little better we actually had a super productive day! We went through both of our ward directories to figure out what members we know and don't and made plans to visit each of them. Just so yall know we have about 750+ members in our 2 wards that we cover so that took a very long time. Ended the night at the Cecils who are so so amazing!! Dinner was amazing and we got to share lots of mission stories back and forth with the husband! Then I got to nerd out about "the office" with their son and we were naming off our favorite lines and episodes haha.

Friday: Had District Council today all the way out in Decatur which is quite a drive! It was our last DC of the transfer so we took a cute lil district picture haha. We then went as a District to Braums for lunch which is a chain fastfood restaurant they have here in Texas that is pretty dang good! By the time we finished up lunch and got back to our area it was already 3 in the afternoon! We then made some contacts over the phone until it was time to head to dinner. Dinner tonight was with the Mullenix family and they are a young couple and are so awesome! Brother Mullenix is a automotive Tech for Ford and I got to talk to him a lot about that and he was trying to recruit me to come move to Denton and work with him after the mission haha. Because he works at Ford he has some brand new Ford vehicles that he owns. After dinner we sat out in his driveway and nerded out about over his cars and the cool technology and stuff that goes into them. It was so much fun!

Saturday: Today was a day of service!! Started the day at a pig farm that we volunteer at each week and we helped them with a ton of stuff!! We emptied 2 full storage units and moved them into a barn on their property, we cleaned some pig pens, we layed gravel pathways around the property and some other small stuff. It was so much fun! We then went to "Smoke and Fire" after that for an early dinner and got some amazing chopped Brisket sandwiches!! We went home and showered after that and had to head straight to dinner haha. It was with the De Naults who are a part member family and we were able to have an amazing lesson about the Restoration and it went super well!!

Sunday: Woke up and received our transfer docs for this upcoming transfer. We are getting the Sanger ward taken away from us.😭 Me and Elder Dixon are staying Companions, but we will only be covering the Krum ward now. Church was super sad saying goodbye to everyone in the Sanger ward. A lot of the members we got super close with and they are sad to see us leave already. The Krum ward was amazing as usual and they were pretty excited ro find out that they don't have to share us anymore lol. Ended the day by having a pretty awesome member meal and then we had our mission wide zoom call that we have each Sunday night!

Miss yall so much!!!🥺❤️

I pray for each of you and hope all is going well!! Love yall!

-Elder Rhodes🤠❤️

Oh yeah hahaha, I also got a haircut this week which was much needed, but I can't remember what day that happened on.🤷‍♂️🤣


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