December 20, 2022



Tornados and member work!💪

Sorry this is a day late yall, but better late than never I guess

Monday - Had a great pday today! Played Disc golf for a big majority of the day!! After that I spent pretty much all day facetiming the fam and the homies which was so nice!!❤️ Oh and I took a nap lol, very relaxing pday!

Tuesday - Woke up this morning from several calls from ward members warning us about the Tornado that was coming through town and told us to take cover. The tornado wasn't horrible, but it definitely left some damage. We spent a majority of today just visiting members which went super awesome!! We had a cool experience where we visited a part member family who has an unbaptized 9 year old daughter and no joke we were there for like 3 minutes and he told us that he would like his daughter to take the lessons which was super cool!! We then ate dinner and ended the night out with a pretty awesome miracle! We felt prompted to go to a trailer park and knocked only 4 doors, but every single one answered and we held a lesson with each of them!!! #God's good

Wednesday - Had lunch with a member at a super nice Mexican restaurant where we got some amazing Brisket Burritos!! We then spent some time at a recent converts Angela's home, she got baptized 11 months ago and we are helping to prepare her to go to the temple for her endowment on February 4th!!! We then ended the night with visiting a huge list of part member families and were able to build pretty good relationships with each of them!

Thursday - Had Zone conference today which was so so good, but dang the spirit can be exhausting sometimes!!! That took up a big majority of the day, but afterwards we collected some cash and gift cards from our bishop and other members and took them around to some less fortunate families in the area as a little Christmas gift!! Such a cool experience!! Then ended the night at our bishops home, we are super close to them and they treat us like family which is amazing! Love them so much!!

Friday - Started the day off with District Council which went a little long, but it was such a good council!!! Afterwards we had a cool experience where we had a prompting to visit a referral that we got a couple months back that lives on the opposite side of our area. He had never been successfully contacted and it didn't really make much sense to drive to visit him, but we did and had a pretty cool experience! We got in contact with him!! We then taught him about the Restoration and answered many questions that he had about the church! Such a cool dude named Stuart and he accepted the invite to read and pray about the Book of Mormon which was amazing!!! Ended the night with a part member family the Luster's for dinner and it was amazing!!! They have 7 dogs and they are just the sweetest people ever!! We ended that dinner sharing a spiritual thought next to their wood burning fireplace and drinking hot chocolate which was such a vibe!!😊

Saturday - Kind of a super boring day, did lots and lots of driving around to visit as many investigators as we could. Had some good contacts, but nothing super crazy or anything.

Sunday - Church was so amazing today!! Both sacrament meetings consisted of pretty much only singing and musical performances which was so amazing!! The spirit was super strong!! We also didn't have any meetings so that was super nice!! That's pretty much it for today!

Hope everyone has an amazing week leading up to Christmas!!! Love yall so much!


- Elder Rhodes🤠❤️


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