December 12, 2022



Weekly emails are back!!!💪🤠

Hey yall I'm alive I promise!!

So sorry for the lack of emails the past several weeks, life was so Chaotic and unfortunately it was easy to just stop sending out emails, but I'm sure many of you are sure what I have been up to!

I guess I will start off with a recap of last transfer since I didn't send like any emails oops... I was a Zone Leader and a District leader (long story) out in Weatherford which is like super boonies, my companion was Elder Brown and boy were we busy!! It was one of the most successful and hardest working transfers of my mission and I saw many miracles!! We got so much done and had so much fun, but unfortunately I only got to be there for one transfer and now I'm gone. I am now serving in the Denton Zone. 5 straight transfers in 5 different zones, it's been Chaos.

Monday: Spent a big majority of the day saying goodbye to the mission friends in the Weatherford Zone and we signed eachother transfer journals and I took Polaroid pictures with each of them which is something I have done with every missionary I've served around my entire mission. We then ended the night at a part member families home that I dearly love named the Pearson's, we have been teaching the wife and she accepted a baptismal invitation from us after meeting with missionaries for a long time after a super spiritual experience that I had with her! It's a super long story so I won't share the whole thing, but I gave her a blessing and the spirit was so strong and afterwards she was bawling her eyes out and she told us that she finally wants to be baptized!!!

Tuesday: Started the day with a district council where we had a testimony meeting and that was awesome. We said goodbye to 2 of my favorite families after that and it was so sad!!! One of them has a little kiddo named Dawson that I became super tight with and I'm gonna miss him so much!! (If you want to see a super Tender video send me a message on messenger lol). Then the other family has a son who is 7 that I got pretty close with also and I gifted him my hot wheels collection that I got at the beginning of my mission that I had just been lugging around and it made me so happy seeing his reaction to those!! To add onto all of that we had a dinner with another oart member family and we invited George who is 88 years old and been investigating the church for over 20 years to be baptized and he said he would pray about that which was super awesome, because in the past he was very close minded to baptism. Pretty good day, but also so sad to be honest. Headed home after all of that and got all of my stuffed packed up!

Wednesday: Woke up and loaded all of my stuff into the truck and we made the hour and a half drive to where transfers where held at. Transfers are sad. But I always love getting to see old companions and some of my other mission friends🥰! We had some complications with stuff in our new area because me and my new companion Elder Dixon were both starting fresh in Krum and Sanger, Texas so transfers took almost all day while we tried to figure things out. We live in a huge Duplex though so that's super cool!

Thursday: We finally got settled in and we went straight to work!! The previous missionaries didn't do much so we went through and visited every single person who missionaries had been teaching since they hadn't been contacted in over a month and we ended up having 3 lessons and we even found a new person who was open to hearing the gospel which is a pretty successful day for our first day! A new person being taught had not been found in this area in almost 2 months when we got here and we found 1 our first full day in the area!!💪

Friday: I woke up super super sick!!! Literally couldn't get out of bed until 1 and even then I couldn't get myself to do much. Super runny nose, super sore throat with a nasty cough and a really bad migraine on top if that. All I was really able to accomplish this day was my studies then I went back to bed. We did get delivered pizza for dinner which was nice, then we ended the night with a short meeting with the ward mission leader in the Krum Ward. It was super nice to meet him, there will be big things coming to this area!

Saturday: Still sick✌️ Took some medication though and we got a ride across the mission though to attend Johnathans baptism who is a guy that I had the wonderful opportunity to start teaching when I was Arlington!! That was such an amazing experience!! I also got to see all of my besties in the area!!❤️ Once we finally got back to our area it was pretty late, but we had a ward Christmas party for the Krum ward which was so awesome!! We performed "12 days of Christmas" with the ward and me and my companion were the 2 turtle doves hahaha. It was such a blast.

Sunday: Such a Wild day!! Started with a Ward council at 7:30 for the Krum ward which was so awesome! We learned lots of important stuff!! Sacrament was after that and that was even better! All of the primary went up with "young missionary" tags and they sang some missionary songs which was so cute and the spirit was so strong!!! Oh and we also had 2 of our non member friends show up to church with us!! We then had to miss 2nd hour in that ward so we could attend ward Council for the Sanger Ward which was also so good!!! Then right before that sacrament meeting I got a really bad bloody nose that wouldn't stop so we had to drive home and take card of that. We then drove back and attended young men's for second hour which was super neat!! Following that we had yet another ward meeting for the Sanger ward. So many meetings when you cover more than one ward! We then visited several families and shared some spiritual thoughts until 5 when we had dinner. We had dinner with our wonderful Bishop in the Sanger ward which was a blast! They are amazing! Then ended the night off with a stake wide Christmas concert at the stake Center which was amazing and got to see lots of people I hadn't seen in a while!! That's pretty much it for today!

Sorry this is such a long email, but I hope yall enjoy the update!

Love and miss yall!!❤️

-Elder Rhodes🤠❤️


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