September 12, 2022



Broken hand?!?! Also ZL training

Wow this was an interesting week that's for sure haha. Honestly, I don't remember much of what happened this week because I usually look at my journal entries, but I haven't been able to write in my journal for the last week.

Monday we had an amazing Pday and did all sorts of fun stuff, but towards the end of the day I decided for whatever reason I was going to try and Box jump onto a ledge that was way higher than I am probably capable of making. Well I sent it and my feet made it up, but the rest of my body didn't and I fell from around 4-5 feet right on my hand and it hurt really bad. I didn't think much about it and told myself that if it still hurt in a week I would go get it checked out. I then facetimed my dad that night and he was able to talk me into getting it checked out the next day. When I woke up that morning my hand was purple and pretty much completely numb, but we had a full schedule of meetings so we waited until the end of the day to go to the urgent care to get an Xray. they did the xrays and then came in with a concerned look in their eyes and told me that they think I broke my scaphoid bone which could cause me to lose blood flow to my hand and I would have to get it amputated if that was the case and i didnt get it checked out ASAP. They immediately sent me to the ER after that to get a CT scan which would be able to pick up that bone. After about 2 hours they came out and said it wasn't broken, just heavily bruised and some torn tissue. They told me they were very surprised that it wasn't broken, but I was just extremely relieved. I now have a splint I've been wearing for the past week and it has made life quite difficult to be honest. If y'all didn't already know we are in a bike area and I could not ride a bike safely so we had to walk everywhere, oh and it's my dominant hand so it made everything just way more difficult than they should have been.

Other than that this week we had an insane amount of meetings and that took up the majority of our schedule and our travel times practically tripled because we were walking. We have been working with the awesome inactive family and are working with them to help get them to the temple. We also got to watch the beginning of the BYU and Baylor game on Saturday with them and the Packers and Vikings game on Sunday so that was super awesome.

Another crazy thing happened this week. We got a call from President and he asked me to train for the next transfer and be a Zone leader so that's going to be a big change, but I'm excited. I'm also going to Arlington into the YSA ward, which is my first YSA ward on the mission. Kinda sad I only got to serve one transfer in the Tongan ward cause the ward is so amazing, but i will not miss the bikes at all haha.

Anyways that's pretty much all for this week, love and miss yal!
-Elder Rhodes


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