June 5, 2022



Migraines suck

Another pretty good week in the mission field!!

Monday started off pretty normal, played golf, basketball, went shopping and did our normal Pday stuff. We ended the day with a zone council meeting which ended up being a super spiritual experience! I love being in a group setting and bouncing ideas off of each other, it helps me learn. We then ended that with a brief testimony meeting which was so so awesome!

Tuesday was awesome!! One of our members took us and some other missionaries to Babes chicken for lunch and it was for real some of the best chicken I have ever had! We then spent several hours at the library where we made a paper map with a whole bunch of our inactive members on it so that we can drive around and visit them in the most effective manner to save miles. We then ended the day with helping some sister missionaries teach the plan of salvation to a single dad and his twin 9 year old daughters. Was super awesome and then we got to play some basketball with them afterwards haha.

Wednesday was actually kinda insane haha. Started out with doing some service for a guy named Lee and helped him get more work done on a fence we have been building with him. We are making slow progress with teaching him, but it is happening so that's good. We then spent several hours knocking some of those inactive members doors with not much luck. Our night ended up being pretty crazy. We were on our way driving to a Zone leadership council meeting when we got a call from the zone leaders saying that an Elder just had a severe allergic reaction to fire ants and an ambulance had been called and everything. So they told us to turn around and go be woth them for the rest of the night. We gave him a blessing and we stayed with them until 11 incase he had another reaction. Wasn't how we planned on spending our night, but he is doing good now so that's what matters.

Thursday was also pretty crazy and we for real spent the entire day at the stake center. We were there from 11 in the morning to 10 at night haha. Started with District council from 11-12:30. We then all had lunch. The next several hours consisted of us doing interviews with President and getting the church ready for a music night that we were doing later that night. The music night was something that our district set up for the stake. We essentially taught the first lesson through musical numbers and a few testimonies and it was so awesome! We had a nice turnout and met lots of nonmembers because of it which was hype. Oh yeah and me and 5 other missionaries sang "The spirit of God" and it was actually so good it was awesome! Anyways by the time we got done visiting with people and left it was 10. Awesome day, but we were exhausted afterwards.

Friday was alright. We started with going to one of our investigators houses named Leigh and we helped finish painting her fence and dug a French drain in her backyard. We then headed home after that and it started down pouring and storming pretty hard. We then got the instruction to stay inside from our mission President so we did some cleaning in our apartment and did some Facebook work.

Saturday we spent the entire day tracting and knocking in active members doors. We found out a few people have moved and we got in contact with 2 in active members and had some pretty awesome discussions with them and invited them to come to church on Sunday.

Sunday had its ups and downs. Started off really good with out first ward where wollansa came and Ashley came again. Was honestly one of the best fast and testimony meetings I have ever been a part of, it was so awesome and the spirit was so strong! Right after I got a massive migraine which kept us from making it to the second ward. I took some medicine and took a nap and was able to get feeling better before dinner though so that was good because we had an awesome experience there. We had dinner with one of our buddies Levi and Ashley who came to church is his girlfriend. She was at dinner as well and we were able to have an amazing discussion with her and we are planning on starting up the discussions with her soon!!!

That's it for this week! Did my email in a little different format this week so hopefully that's OK with everyone. Anyways I love yall so much and I pray for yall daily! I appreciate all the love and support, I can feel yalls prayers and it means a lot to me!❤
-Elder Rhodes


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