May 30, 2022



It's hot πŸ”₯

I don't even know where to start with this week. We have been insanely busy, it's nice not having to try and figure out what to do during our dead time, but that's because we literally don't have any haha. In fact we have had several occasions this week where we accidentally double booked our selvesπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

I guess I will start off with the insane amount of meetings that we had this week. Covering 2 wards is insane and on top of that we are running a stake class every week and my companion is District Leader so we have tons of extra meetings for that. Meetings honestly fill up a huge chunk of our time and since our area is so massive it takes us a half hour to drive to them so that takes up a big portion of our time as well.

Can't forget the crazy amount of service we do out here as well. That another huge part of what we have been doing. We helped with 3 moves this week and they all had tons of stuff! We also helped a lady who is a hoarder go through her house and convince her to get rid of a ton of stuff, then ended with teaching her the first lesson so that was hype. We also did lots and lots of yard work which resulted I. Us getting some pretty narly tan lines which look hilarious haha.

We were able to have a few awesome lessons this week too! Wollansa is slowly progressing and she came to church for the 8th time! Ashley came to church as well, but we couldn't set up a lesson unfortunately. We then taught a guy named James who recently had a stroke and we got permission from our bishop to administer the sacrament to him in his home which was actually a super neat experience. Then to top all of that off we have 2 unbaptized youth in the ward that we are working with and plan to put them on baptismal date very soon, so we are very excited about that!!

I think that's most of the big stuff for this week. Love yall and I hope yall know I really appreciate the emails yall send!! I promise I read every single one! Life has just been crazy busy lately and I honestly just don't have the time to respond to them. Again I love yall and hope yall have a wonderful memorial day!!!!
-Elder Brendan Rhodes


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