May 16, 2022



I got a car!!!

Such an amazing week this week!!! I got transferred to the Justin and the Rohme area which is a huge area that's more country and I finally have a car!!! We also have a super nice 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment that is right next to Texas Motorspeedway, outlet malls, and Buc ee's which are the coolest gas stations ever! I already love this area so much!!

I'll start off with this super awesome lady named Wollansa that we had a lesson with. We taught her about the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong!! As we were walking out she showed us a whole bunch of bullet holes in the side of her house because her house got shot up a couple years back, super crazy story!! Anyways she came to church with us on Sunday which was so awesome!!

We also got a random call in the middle of the week from this lady named Christina who is going through a bit of a hard time in her life right now. We taught her the first lesson over the phone, but she doesn't live In our area so we won't be able to teach her in person and we had to refer her to some other Elders.

Another cool experience we had was we took our bishop with us to a less active couple that hadn't been to church in 11 years and we had a 3 hour long lesson/ get to know you with them and we think we are going to be able to get them back to church pretty soon which we are so so so excited about!!

Other than that we did a crazy ton of service this week!!! We mowed, edged, and trimmed bushes at one of our new members houses. We mowed and dug fence post holes for an investigator, we will be going back soon to help put up the fence. We also went to this investigator named Leigh's house and helped her twice this week with painting a fence in her backyard. She has a ton of Bernie doodle puppies and bernese mountain dogs that she breeds and we got to play with them which was adorable! That's not it we also went to a members farm and helped him with a ton of yard work around his property which was a ton of fun! Due to the crazy hot heat and all of the service this week me and my new comp, Elder Wright have crazy farmers tans lol.

That's pretty much all for what we did this week. So far today, we have gone fishing and we went to a place called Bigshots that is like top golf and we have just been having a ton of fun!! Love yall and miss you guys! Hope everyone had a good week this week!!!


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