April 25, 2022



Baby ducks!!!

Had a pretty simple week this week, but it was super good!! We found lots of people tracting this week, but we are struggling with setting up return appointments because everyone just seems to be so busy this time of year, super sad, but it is what it is i guess. Also I went on 2 exchanges this week in other areas, they both had cars so that was nice haha! We ended up doing some fire service projects also which was a ton of fun. We mowed 3 lawns, raked a ton of leaves, helped a member move, and we planted some flowers. Other than service we just had a bunch of meetings. Oh yeah something kinda funny happened during one of our meetings haha.. we were introducing ourselves and I found out that one of our stls lived 2 streets over from me back home lol. I said I was from St. George, she said no way same haha. She then asked what school I went to and what year I graduated and we found out we both graduated 2020 at Dessert hills lol. Then after even more conversation found out that her father was the contractor that built our home and she knew exactly where I live haha. Anyways other than that, we had a very simple week. Oh and we got to play with some baby ducks, that was super fun!! Sorry, super short email this week, but I love yall!!


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