February 14, 2022



6 months as a missionary!

I hit 6 Months this week!! Crazy how time has just flown by! This week consisted of lots and lots of biking. We went through our ward directory and made a huge list of inactive and part member families to go visit so we spent the majority of the week doing that. We actually had quite a but of success doing that which was pretty exciting. The weather was super windy this week and was all over the place from as low as 20 degrees to a high of 83 degrees the next day haha. I will never talk about Utah having bipolar or crazy weather again, Texas is far worse haha. Other than meeting with a bunch of members we did a bit of service which was mostly helping some folks rake their leaves which is super weird to be doing in February lol. We also got to attend a birthday for a 1 year old in the ward and it was actually so much fun. His mom invited us because we are super close with them and half of her family aren't members so we got to meet and talk with them a lot and it was pretty awesome. Non of them live in our area sadly, but we did get a few of them connected with missionaries where they live and hope something can come from meeting with them. Other than that it was a pretty normal week out here in Fort worth, Texas. Last night we got calls from President Chapman and me and Elder Seitz will be staying companions this next transfer and I will be the new District Leader which is pretty exciting. Oh and how could I forget, after Dinner yesterday at a members house I threw up. For dessert they gave us big bowls of Tapioca pooding and of course as missionaries we eat everything that is put in front of us to be nice, but it was so hard to finish. Took me a good minute and I was trying not to gag, we had to leave right after that to go teach a class at the church and after we left their house I threw up in some random persons grass, oops. Probably the most disgusting thing I have eaten, no body else seemed to have a problem with it, but it was so bad haha. Oh and each morning we have been playing basketball with some guys in our complex that we are starting to teach. One morning I found out that I can actually dunk 2 handed so of course I kept doing it cause it was so cool, but I pulled something in my back pretty bad. My back was killing me all week until I finally found a member who could give me a chiropractic adjustment and this dude cracked me like a freaking glowstick and it felt so so good! I think that's all guys. Sorry that was probably pretty chaotic and confusing to read, my brain is all over the place right now haha. Anyways love and miss yall! Hope everyone enjoyed their week and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl!


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