February 7, 2022



Texans can't drive in snow

Wow what an interesting week. I had my first Pday in this area on Monday and everyone in this zone loves to play sports, we played baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, and we played probably the most insane game of 4x4 basketball ever and I am still sore haha. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to give a lady in the ward a blessing and that's always a cool experience. That night we had dinner with this family called the Streets in one of our wards. After dinner we left the house through the garage and I saw one of the coolest things ever, he had dozens of super nice $1,000+ bikes. If you know me much my childhood revolved around bikes and I love building and riding bikes. We ended up talking for about an hour about bikes and it was a party. While we were there qe talked about how my comp has had so many bike problems so for on his mission and I haven't had any.. well Karma bit me in the but and my rear tire and tube on my bike exploding after I ran over something in the middle of the street 2 miles from home. It was so loud and my tire blew into pieces. Well the next day we took my bike to Brother Streets and he said he would fix it, we came back 2 days later and not only did he fix it, but upgraded it with $200 worth of tunes and tires for both front and rear and he said these won't ever explode, so he told me to put them to the test haha. Anyways after all that we got locked inside for 3 days when we had our freeze/ice storm. The first day we actually had a member pick us up and we hung out with them all day. We played pickleball, ate lots of pizza and we dis this thing called the "hot ones challenge" which is the world's hottest sauces and us white kids were dying, but it was entertaining lol. After that we went snowboarding on some skateboard decks in basketball shorts and we got pretty bruised and banged up from that, because it's all pretty much ice. We then walked around town and pushed about 25 cars up hills or off curbs because Texans don't know how to drive in snow haha. We finally got the ok from President to leave on Saturday so we went to a family baptism in one of the wards in our stake then after that had one of the greatest lessons ever! It was with this guy named Peyton, we talked a little about almost every aspect of the gospel for our first lesson and he ate it all up, he wants to come to church, he wants to attend somebody else's baptism and he said he is down to get baptized if the things we are teaching him are true! He is a super positive and nice guy and we love him so much. Sorry I never talk much about lessons, if I talked about all of them, it would get pretty boring so I usually only talk about the really exciting ones. Oh and we have a dairy queen right next to our apartment so we go a lot and when we go there the workers always call us the "Jesus Boys" haha. We ended the week with Sunday and wow our Sundays are insane. I'll tire you guys a brief run through of what it is like. We have ward council at 7:30, then first ward from 9-11, but we have to leave at 10:30 for the next ward council that goes until our next ward, next ward goes from 12-2, then after that we have an hour long meeting with one of our ward mission leaders. We then get to go home for 30 min before qe have to bike to our dinner. We have dinner from 4:30-5:30, then we end the night at the church teaching a stake life helps class from 6-8. We literally spend all, but like 3 hours at the church and it's exhausting not gonna lie. Anyways love yall and miss you guys! Hope everyone is doing good!


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