January 24, 2022



Finally out of quarantine!!

24 weeks in the mission, man has time flown by. This email, like the last one will likely be pretty short
because the first half of our week we were stuck in Quarantine. Even once we got out of quarantine it was almost impossible to set up any lessons because it seems like everyone either has covid or is in quarantine because they have been exposed. Once we finally
got out we did quite a few service projects, we went to 2 Food banks, bishops Storehouse, and helped a member move some dressers. Funny story happened while we were at one of these food banks. I started talking to this guy named andre. We started with some
small talk mostly about basketball, but it quickly turned into talking about church and Jesus Christ which everyone in Texas is comfortable talking about. He asked me what church I was a part of and I showed him my name tag and said “I am a missionary for
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” he goes oh you one of those Mormons? I heard about you haha. I then talked to him for a good 45 min about our beliefs and cleared up some misconceptions he had about us. I then invited him to church and to take
missionary lessons and he was so down, but found out that he isn't in our area so I had to pass him off unfortunately. Before I left he came up to me with a piece of paper and said “Boy you are a hard worker, I want to hire you” I then explained how as missionaries
our full time job is our mission and I can't work a job haha. The other food bank went pretty well, we have still been slowly teaching a lady there named Carol, but once again she isn't in our area so we are co-teaching with the sisters in her area. Carol
is the sweetest lady ever, she loves Jesus, and loves the missionaries and our church. We invited her to church for next sunday, really hoping she shows up! On Saturday we had Bishop's Storehouse which is always so fun, 2 companionships had to go on a road
trip together somewhere and we got the other one of their cars for the day and man I forgot how much I love driving. We went and knocked on a lot of doors on the opposite side of our area that we never bike to because it's cold and so far away. We also spent
about an hour driving around dropping off Bishop's storehouse orders which was a blast. I have found a new joy in reading books, so I have been reading lots. Oh my, how did I forget, I found this lady named Susie in Denver over Facebook who was going through
a lot of trials in her life. We called her up and I bore my testimony to her and said a prayer for her. We then got her connected with the missionaries in her area to give her a blessing and start taking lessons, and from what we have heard it is going amazing.
Other than that, nothing too exciting this week. We have a full healthy week ahead of us though and I can't wait to get out there and work super hard and help bring others unto Christ. Hope everyone had an amazing week, love and miss yall!


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