January 17, 2022



10/10 do not recommend

OK so this weekly is going to be pretty short. We had a pretty rough week, if you haven't already heard, me, my companion, and about ¼ of the missionaries in the mission got covid and have been in quarantine this week. Last Monday I wasn't feeling the greatest a long with a few other missionaries so on Tuesday we all went and got tested to be sure it wasn't covid. Got our results back 2 days later and well, we tested positive. So this entire week we have been inside of our apartments, trying to do missionary work remotely. It's been rough for sure, but we have amazing ward members here and family back home that have been dropping off and sending food and other essentials since we can't go anywhere. The missionaries that aren't sick have been great help too, they have brought groceries and games and puzzles to keep us occupied so we don't totally lose our minds haha. I did an entire 1000 piece puzzle by myself in about 5 hours. Luckily our Zone leaders have been healthy so they came around and gave each of us blessings which helped a lot. Other than that just lots and lots of studies which I'm honestly not complaining about, I love studying. We had zone conference this week and both that and district council were held over zoom. Oh also I bruised my foot pretty bad and it's nice and purple because I accidentally tipped over backwards on my chair while studying and leaning back on my chair. I ended up kicking my desk pretty hard and anyways yeah my foot turned purple haha. Love yall and hope everyone is doing good! Next week will probably be a lot like this too, so probably won't be much to look forward to, but I'll still send one out. Again thanks for all you guys do and for the support you have all shown me as a missionary, love you guys!!


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