January 3, 2022



It's a new year!

Another good week out here in
the mission field!! Can't believe I have been out for 21 weeks and I hit 5 months in a couple of days. My time in Texas seems to just be flying by!

OK so I know in my last email
I talked about how the weather was so nice, well this week started out like that too. It was in the 70's on new years day until that night it dropped to 20 degrees and it hasn't gotten above 40 degrees since. It's been freezing and it's awful being in a biking
area for it. Anyways before the weather dropped so much we did a ton of stuff. Me and Elder Crail did some math and we are biking on an average 50 miles a day which is so insane to think about, but it feels so good. Elder Crail did have a pretty narly crash
on his bike tho, we were biking home from a lesson down a super steep hill on the sidewalk and we were going way to fast when a massive 2ft deep hole that was about 6 feet across appeared in the middle of the sidewalk. I somehow managed to swerve around it,
but my companion was right behind me and didn't se it and had no time to react and went straight into it,, I looked back and I saw his bike upside down in the air and him flying into the grass. Miraculously he walked away with only a tiny scratch on his foot,
but when we got home we inspected his bike and he bent the entire frame of his bike haha. I have been having pretty bad back pain and I had to see the Chiropractor and I will be seeing him again later today because my spine is super messed up. Hoping they
can get that fixed because if you know me my back has been bothering me for years. We did do a ton of service this week as well before the weather dropped, on new years day specifically we counted if I remember right 72 big black bags of leaves that we filled
up which was crazy haha. It was kinda weird raking leaves in January, never done that before haha. Sunday was such an amazing day this week other than the 20 degree weather that kept us from doing much. Church was awesome and I had the opportunity to bear
my testimony in sacrament meeting which is always such a cool experience. I just don't get up there and do it as much as I should. Later that day we went to a Baptism for a lady named Tracy in another ward that I had helped teach and can I just say wow. Convert
baptisms are the coolest thing ever, the spirit is always so strong and it's always so amazing seeing how happy it makes them and hearing them talk about how amazing they felt following Jesus Christ example and being baptized. We did have a lot of lessons
this week, but not any crazy experiences or anything that I can think of off the top of my head. Last night we got news of where everyone is going for transfers on Wednesday and I am staying in Hurst 1st area for a 4th transfer haha. I haven't served anywhere
else, I'm not complaining tho because I love this ward so much! Gonna be here for another 6 weeks and I'm so excited to be able to build up the area even more than we already have. Some of favorite missionaries in the Zone are leaving though, Elder Faragher,
Elder Ruegner, Sister Bingham, and Sister Rohleder are all leaving. On Wednesday I will be the veteran missionary in the zone and I will have been hear the longest which Is so crazy to think about because I feel like I just got out here yesterday. Anyways
that's pretty much it, we are just trying to survive the freezing cold without a warm car to travel in, but I'm sure it'll make for good mission memories and stories when I get home. Don't want to make this too long, but I love yall so very much! Thank you
so much to everyone who supports me and keeps me in your prayers, I can feel it out here and it's what keeps me going through the rough times. I hope everyone has an amazing New year!


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